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Apr 20, 2009 05:18 PM

Celebration Lunch in Portland, ME

After graduation where is a great lunch place on a Saturday in early June for 14 people in Portland, Me? Great food with fair prices and good atmosphere!

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  1. Fore Street, on Fore Street in the Old Port has excellent food. I like their slow roasted pork. The menu is limited and changes pretty often, but it has always been good when I go. They have a huge wine list as well. Depending on your budget, they may seem pricey, but I think it is worth it.

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    1. re: MaineGirl76

      Fore St. doesn't serve lunch as the poster requested.

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        What about Local 188? Good food, good atmo, good prices. Across the bridge in So Portland (5-10 m)is Saltwater Grille, which is great for cocktails, sits right on the bay overlooking the harbor, has deck. Won't have to deal with the parking issues in Portland during graduation...Saltwater food? Good for a varied crowd, but no stand outs... Also thought of taking the ferry over to Peaks for lunch at the Inn...If you want to go real casual, then there is always BBQ- Norms or Beale St...Good luck!

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          Some greats ideas ...I'll check it out

      2. We had a nice dinner at The Grill room" their lunch menu os on line. Bit differnet than their dinner & I have not been there for lunch. Quality and service were good when we were there.

        1. Just minutes north of Portland - The Falmouth Sea Grill - Plenty of parking, varied menu and welcomes large groups.

          1. My recommendations: Front Room; Ribollita (confirm they serve lunch); and, Walter's Cafe;

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            1. Not a lot of options: Walter's was a good suggestion - they can accommodate larger groups upstairs. I would consider Flatbread. The Grill Room might be able to do 14 people (Front Room probably not) and would be nice. I wonder if Paciarino would accommodate a group? Local 188 serves brunch and is large. The Peak's Island suggestion sounds fun.

              Since you're talking June, The Farmer's Table might be an option (upstairs, outside). There will be several new restaurants open by then, some of which will be spacious enough.

              Good Luck!

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                I am not in love with The Falmouth Sea Grill, although we have eaten there many times, and like the food, but as you walk in you will notice a misty smell throughout the restaurant. Probably because its on the water, but the smell must go before we return.......
                Great location, great food, great staff, great service, but it will not get 5-stars in my book !!

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                  Thank you for your suggestions...I'll check these places out..