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Apr 20, 2009 04:29 PM

Rare Sat night off-need recs!

Looking for some dinner recommendations. I have a rare Saturday night off and even better, I have a Zipcar so my friend and I can go beyond the limits of the T. He's been dying to try 51 Lincoln but the reviews lately haven't been so positive (but it is in Boston Magazine's top 50). I was thinking Saporito's in Hull (it is supposed to be 78 degrees on Sat). Also, we've talked about Tuy Y Yo in Somerville. Maybe Blue Ginger in Wellesley. As you can tell, we're open-minded about the cuisine. Basically it just needs to be great food and someplace we haven't been before (which obviously you wouldn't know but pretty much if it's not T-accessible, we haven't been). Any suggestions or info would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. If you decide on Hull, I would highly recommend Bridgeman's (eat upstairs near window for a nice view of ocean), food is very good, interesting menu and reasonably priced. I have always enjoyed Blue Ginger but I have not been for awhile so cannot comment on how it is now. Since you have a Zipcar, a 45 minute trek to Providence would be nice (about the same distance to Hull), Federal Hill has some great Italian restaurants, it's like a mini North End but far less crowded and plenty of parking.

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      Both Bridgeman's and Saporita's are reliably good and so is Tosca at Hingham Harbor. We just ate there on Saturday night and it was excellent, with a great buzz at the bar area. Split homemade tagliatelle with duck and shitakes (just outstanding) and then I had wood-grilled ribeye on spinach panzanella (perfectly cooked, really delicious) and DC had shrimp (said to be fantastic, I didn't try).

    2. Have you thought about venturing to Providence? There's LaLaitere, Chez Pascal, New Rivers, and some others that are really very good.

      1. Tu Y Yo is pretty casual and not a real bad walk from Davis Square T, so you might want to save it for a car-less time.

        1. What about heading up to the north shore to explore the scenery and hit Woodman's of Essex or the Clam Box for some seafood and to take advantage of the weather?

          I agree with pemma- skip Tu Y Yo this time around. Maybe the next time, too. I'm not a real big fan.

          Gran Gusto in Cambridge gets great reviews here, their pizza is amazing, and it would be more difficult to experience without a car. Watch, some alert public transit nerd is going to quickly inform us that the number 2543 bus goes right by it hourly...