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Apr 20, 2009 03:55 PM

Midwest Restaurants Featuring Local Foods?


Peoria, Illinois has been featured in national and regional papers recently for the restaurant, June, which opened a couple of months ago. The restaurant features selected local foods from season to season.

Do you have any restaurants in your Midwestern region that focus on local foods? We're working on developing a new website, and would like to write some reviews/features.

Gina Edwards

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  1. Definitely add Roots to the list. Roots, in Milwaukee’s developing North End area is truely focused on local ingredients, from the freshest organic produce and cheeses to local beers. Great restaurant. Mid to upper price range. This is a wonderful place to go during the summer if you're into sitting outside and enjoying great fare while watching the Milwaukee skyline (especially at dusk!). This restaurant is divided into an upper dining room (upscale with tantalizing dishes) and the "Roots Cellar" - the less expensive lower floor that also equipped with a tremendous menu. Expect a young professional crowd on Friday and Saturday night and older, Milwaukee foodie couples on Sundays. Try the pulled pork nachos - a ritzy rendition of the dish that is perfectly sweet and spicy in flavor and aroma and draped in local white cheeses. This restaurant provides excellent food and ambiance and incorporates real Milwaukee flavor. (


    From their main page:
    "Welcome to Roots, Milwaukee's unique farmer and chef-owned restaurant....[With]unique and varying ingredients to fuel our creativity as the harvest unfolds,....Chef John Raymond orchestrates a menu celebrating the changing flavors and textures of the seasons. Each plate reflects a passion for the art of food."

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    1. There are many such places in Chicago. Some of the best known are North Pond ( ), Lula ( ), Shawn McClain's three restaurants (Custom House - Spring - Green Zebra - ), and Vie in Western Springs ( ). There are many restaurant chefs who support Chicago's local Green City Markets and its farmers and producers; you can see a complete list at

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        Many of the farmers in my area take their produce to the Green City Market because they can get better prices than in Peoria - I had Lula and Green Zebra on my list - thanks for the others!

      2. cool resource.
        here are a couple in Cleveland that come to mind:
        --lots of other eco friendlly things going on here

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          Thank you! I haven't been to Cleveland in while - I think a roadtrip is in order!

        2. Mind Body Spirits in Rochester Hills MI does local in season, and has gotten very good press, but I haven't been yet

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            Their menu is wonderful - and such great prices.

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              I second Mind, Body and Spirits. I've been there around 6 times for either lunch, dinner or dessert. The healthiest kids menu around (and not coincidentally IMHO, the tastiest.)

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              I've gotta get over and try that place. They worked on that building for almost a year before opening.

            3. In St. Louis, we've been to Riddle’s Penultimate Café & Wine Bar : Click on "our menu" for the day's menu with descriptions of where the main ingredients come from.

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                Thank you Anne - Riddle's does a wonderful job of crediting their sources.