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Apr 20, 2009 03:43 PM

What would pulverized pistachios enliven?

I have just under a cup of pulverized pistachios, left over from making goat-cheese-swaddled grapes. I’d love to try incorporating pistachio flavor into other savory dishes, but am at a loss, aside from possibly trying them as a stew thickener in place of hazelnuts. What do you think could use a hit of these gorgeous, nutty crumbs?

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  1. A crust for fish? A pistachio romesco sauce for grilled vegetables? A crunchy topping for stuffed broiled tomatoes?

    1. Second the fish crust. Try it with halibut or similar. Also, ice cream topping.

        1. Dip rounds of goat cheese in the pistachios and broil for a minute or two. Nice over a salad.

          1. Pistachio mint pesto is quite nice on fish and shrimp.

            I also like to use pistachios in rice pilaf.

            If you still have some goat cheese, stuffed some dried apricot with goat cheese pistachios.

            Also if you have goat cheese - in a salad with the cheese and any number of fruits: apricot(dried or fresh if you can find them), grapes, mango, strawberries, etc

            I"ve made this bread stuffing wtih both turkey and roast chicken to positive responses: