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Apr 20, 2009 03:18 PM

Birthday dinner recommendation on the Las Vegas strip

I am looking for a suggestion on where we should go for a 35th birthday dinner celebration. We're in Las Vegas for the weekend, and want to go somewhere "Fabulous" on Saturday night. My definition of fabulous is: great food, chic ambience, cool vibe and somewhat affordable. We are totally flexible on the type of food.

I was thinking of Mix, but was reading recent reviews which were not positive at all.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

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  1. I would recommend Mix for drinks, but not for dinner if you are trying to stay in the somewhat affordable range. Atmosphere is great, but I wasn't blown away by the food and found it to be extremely pricey. Perhaps Boa or Sushi Roku at Caesars, Simon at Palms Place, N9ne or Nove at the Palms. Dos Caminos over at the Palazzo is fun too, if you are in the mood for Mexican food. All of those places have cool vibes and great food and aren't outrageously expensive (depending on your alcohol intake of course!).