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Apr 20, 2009 03:00 PM

pizza in waltham

I recently moved to waltham and have noticed that there might be more pizza places per capita here than anywhere else. I've been to Upper Crust and Dominics and i like them very much. I am wondering this: are any of the other places particularly worth going to, or should i stick with what i know is good?

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  1. In my experience, they're all at least passable, and I think you're right in terms of the sheer number of parlors in the 'tham. I remember liking Dominics but I don't think I've ever been to Upper Crust.

    1. Franco's, on the upper end of Moody St makes very good NY style pizza and is by far my Waltham favorite. Another place which used to be good, but I have not been in years, is Franca's Wood Fired Pizza, on Charles st right up near Moody.

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        Franca's is not on Charles St. where Taqueria Mexico can be found. It's on Felton St. parallel to Charles.

        Franca's Pizzeria
        16 Felton St.
        Waltham, MA

        1. re: JoJo5

          that's right. off by a block.

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          I believe that Franca's may have closed. At least I know they are trying to sell the building.

        3. I have to second Franco's on Moody.
          Anna's Pizza on Main St is pretty yummy too. (You can order delivery on foodler.
          )I'm an Upper Crust pizza fan, but not of their prices.

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            This might fly against Chow-Wisdom on this board, but I find the pizza at The Chateau to be truly terrific. My favorite combination is roasted red pepper and ricotta cheese.