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Apr 20, 2009 02:51 PM

Delivery to Center City Philadelphia (especially Rittenhouse)

I was hoping this might turn into a thread dedicated to great delivery options for people who live in Center City. When I am feeling lazy and or it is raining like today, it would be great to be able to have a list of options that I might not otherwise have thought or known about.

1. Ekta - Such great Indian food. It is really delicious and inexpensive and they deliver to Center City, even though they are located far away. I have ordered from them six or so times now and they do not disappoint.

2. Szechuan Tasty House - I have not ordered delivery from here, but I have eaten in a couple times, so I know the food is great and I know people who live in Center City that order it on a regular basis. It seems to work for them.

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  1. Our standbys are:

    Square on Square - Better than your average chinese restaurant. Good for eating in too.

    Plan Eat Thai - Located pretty far south, but they will deliver to Center City. Takes at least an hour, but the Thai part of the menu (all I've tried) is worth the wait ("plan" in advance). They actually slice off part of the container for fried foods so they don't steam themselves in transport.

    Slice - Pizza and SALADS. not just iceberg. Baby arugula, spinach, good cheeses.

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      What do you order from Square on Square? I had it once before, but was a little bit disappointed. I don't remember what we ordered. I think it may have been Kung Pao Chicken and some kind of chicken vegetable stirfry. I didn't like how the chicken was almost breaded. I'll have to try some of their other offerings...

      1. re: megmosa

        Three of my favorites are the mango chicken, spicy beef & scallops, and singapore noodles. In general I stick to the spicy things.

        1. re: urbanfabric

          Great I'm going to try them again....I like spicy.

    2. Try Tampopo - spicy chicken teriyaki bowl or bento box. The only thing I miss about working in the city...

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      1. Tiffin, if you like Indian food. They have a web site:

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        1. re: PattiCakes

          i prefer ekta to tiffin, though ordering from the both and doing a side by side comparison could be fun!

          1. re: mazza3

            hmmm. I'll have to give Ekta a try.

            1. re: PattiCakes

              The chef at Ekta is formerly of Tiffin, so depending on how long you've been ordering Tiffin, you may already be a fan of his food.

              1. re: Buckethead

                I have been ordering lunch from Tiffin since they first started delivery. I've noticed a decline in the food over the past several months, however, and don't order from them nearly as much. Also have not been particularly happy about their $15 minimum for delivery at lunch since the whole thing that got me started with them was the concept of the $7.50/$8.50 lunch tiffins. I just don't work with any other people who like Indian food, so I'm now forced to up my order if I get a craving. Too bad -- I used to order twice a week (or more), but not I'm down to once a month, if that. The last order included a papri chat that was really bland, so it might be quite a while before I order again. I got spoiled by their original quality!

                1. re: PattiCakes

                  I second the Ekta suggestion. I too notice how bland the food at Tiffin is becoming. Recently I finally decided to try Ekta and if you are or have been a fan of Tiffin, switch to Ekta now, I promise you will never turn back. Prices are about the same but delivery time to center city was only about 20-25 minutes where with Tiffin its at least an hour. The food was much more flavorful and had that great spice that Tiffin used to have. As you can see if you read above, it is in fact Tiffins old chef who moved out and started his own mini Tiffin (with better food of course).

                  Also, try the saag paneer. I am by no means a vegetarian but an Indian friend of mine suggested that I try it about a year back and I've had a tough time ordering anything else since. Everyone I've introduced to it has had the same problem.

        2. Bump. Come somebody holding out? Are there any decent Vietnamese places that deliver over here? Maybe a restaurant in Chinatown does? Oh also, there is a take-out Thai place opening on 20th between Sansom and Chestnut. Does anybody know anything about it?

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          1. re: megmosa

            I just discovered that Banana Leaf in Chinatown delivers. Malaysian-based menu. Best of Philly for "adventurous eating". Very good, not too expensive, and a good variety or curries, as well as dishes reserved only for the brave.

            1. re: BewilderedLineCook

              That sounds great. What do you recommend? How is the chicken rice? I'm really excited to order from here. Maybe tomorrow night...

          2. Pizza Rustica. They're in NoLibs by deliver to most (if not all) of Center City. Really fantastic pizza for Philly...