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Apr 20, 2009 02:19 PM

Blood Sausage (Morcilla) in SoCal?

Where can I find fresh, really good blood sausage (moriclla) in the Southern California area? I'm interested in markets that sell it as well as restaurants that feature it. I prefer it with a bit of spice and heat to it. Usually I find it rather bland. My true preference is for Cajun (Louisiana) Red Boudin.

Thanks in Advance,


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  1. Mercado Buenos Aires for eat and sale. Carniceria Argentina on Victory in No. Hollywood.
    Tasca Wine bar in West Hollywood has boudin noir.

    1. A great market for morcilla and other Spanish goods:

      La Espanola Meats
      25020 Doble Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90710

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        1. I love the morcilla at the Colombian restaurant La Fonda Anteoqueno on Melrose; it is not spicy though.

          1. The best I've had in So Cal is the sanguinaccio at now defunct La Terza. Much more savory and not so coarsely grained as the Argentinean varieties cited above.

            My understanding is they outsourced it from somebody.
            Probably not a bad idea to stop by their new reincarnation Minestraio and ask.
            Everybody still the same, so I assume they still know where to source the stuff.

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              I have seen blood sausage at European Sausage but I don't if it is exactly moriclla.
              12926 Saticoy St # 12
              North Hollywood, CA 91605
              (818) 982-2325‎