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Apr 20, 2009 02:13 PM

Las Vegas off strip Food Crawl $

I like doing a food crawl to sample the best dish of the restaurant and then move to the nexzt since I'm there for a limited time and limited stomach space. Anyone done one in Vegas, can you share?

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  1. Las Vegas overall is not necessarily conducive to an off-strip crawl, because of the time that it can take to get from place to place. But there are a few neighborhoods that you could focus on - the entire "Chinatown" area on Spring Mountain, from Valley View to roughly Rainbow, may be up to 100 options now. And while Chinatown is considered the reference point for the neighborhood, just about every Asian cuisine is represented. Because some of the better places are open late into the night (Raku, & Ichiza to name a couple), it is easy to put the concept of a crawl into place. You would also not have to go entirely Asian, with Hot & Juicy Crawfish, La Mexicana, Rincon de Buenos Aires and some other quality options right in that area. If you start early enough in the day, you can even pick up some donuts from Ronald's to hold on to for a late dessert.

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      Thanks QAW for the suggestions. How about recommending on the strip food crawl? The best of the best?

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        My personal favorite is the MGM crawl. Have done this several times in the past and it's always a crowd pleaser.

        Under one roof you have:

        Nobhill - The Chicken Tettrazini is simply to die for. Good bread also.

        L'Atelier - Some really enjoy this place, I personally think it's overrated but could suit needs for a crawl considering the small bites menu style.

        Fiamma - 3 words: Short ... Rib ... Raviolini. You don't want to miss this. Trust me.

        Craftsteak - Their apps are really enjoyable ( I, personally, feel that the seared foie gras is the best in Vegas ). I also really like the Kobe Tartare ... not to mention the steaks, if you were to eat full-blown dinner, are outstanding. One of my favorite places in the city, period.

        Seablue - The menu here sets up well to a "crawl" type meal also. Although I would probably have dessert here. For some reason I'm captivated by Mina's hot/cold combos on dessert.

        There is also Shibuya to which I've never been but heard fantastic rave reviews about. Of course there's Emeril's but I'd stay away - never have been impressed.

    2. don't give up on an off-strip crawl - qaw is right, if you sit at the intersection of spring mtn and decatur - going in 1 mile in each direction - you've got ( just as an example )

      face east - hot/juicy crawfish , ronalds donuts ( damn good ) nhu lan ( banh mi )
      other side of st still facing east - pho so 1 ( decent pho ) crown and anchor (( fish n chips ) ichiza , a chinese bakery next to ichiza the name escapes me - it's ok ) and about 10 chinese restaurants - i suggest dong ting or yun nan

      face west - raku , rincon, cathay house ( dim sum ) Saigon 8 ( pho - i think it's better than pho so 1 ) Dakao ( banh mi - one of the better banh mi shops in vegas ) , very slight past a mile at jones/decatur - china mama and kan's kitchen and a little farther - kj's kitchen and maple tree ( breakfast ) other side of street - dang, i forget the names ( basically across from raku - hue thai for pho/banh mi - ok but i feel priced a little higher than the rest, there's a malaysian place, a few chinese places and another japanese place i prefer over ichiza - shuseki.
      if you look north - gee, not much there is a sugar free bakery that ain't bad - mrs. williams, something like that !
      to the south - the aformentioned la mexicana and there's a water store in the same shopping center that serves up some decent ice cream - really !

      Good Luck

      Believe it or not, i think you can complete the crawl quicker then one on the strip unless you limit your Strip crawl to one or 2 casinos ( which is very possible ! )

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        Thanks so much kjs! Very good recs and and I'll try to do as much as I can. I've been to ichiza and can't wait to go back since the first experience was amazing. I looked at raku which sounds good for a few bites since it can get pricey. I will look into shuseki. I'll been trying to hit Ronald's forever but there never enough stomach space.

        1. re: cocochanelella

          Never enough stomach space for Ronald's? Your Chowhound badge should be revoked.

          The key is to eat enough spicy/garlicky food in the immediate area to develop a craving for something sweet to finish (which is really easy to do). Somehow my taste buds communicate that to my stomach in the proper fashion, and it all seems to work itself out.

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            There's always room for Ronald's apple fritter.

      2. It gets a little complicated, though, because you have to buy the Ronald's doughnuts by mid-afternoon at the latest, and then you are subject to the vagaries of demand. So sometimes I go early to assure doughnut bliss later.

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        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Ok, ok I'll MAKE sure this time to save room for Ronald's. I'll buy them first and snack on it by the pool. I'm going to try retro bakery too, is it worth the 20 min drive?

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            20 minutes - from where ? if no traffic - i guess 20 minutes from the heart of the Strip . I'm a fan but keep in mind, it's cupcakes only. you've got some amazing sweets on the Strip ( and yes, at a high cost ) - my latest bake stop was baby cakes at the M - i thought the prices were reasonable - if in the area, you might want to stop by.

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              Thanks kjs for the baby cakes recommendation. I didn't know about the new opening of M casino and it looks interesting. I will be in Vegas this week and report back on the crawl.