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Apr 20, 2009 01:41 PM

Florida Tails..What to do

I thought this would be more appropriate in the Florida board than in the Cooking one. Anyway, I purchased two 8oz. flash frozen Florida lobster tails this week-end. Now what? I have only dealt with live Maine lobsters in the past. So please advise me how best to thaw the tails and best appropriate recipes. Many thanks!

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  1. latte>

    I make a mean lobster fra diavolo with local bugs - try this recipe online:


    1. They should thaw in about a day in the fridge. I sometimes boil them in the shell with some sweet curry. If you broil them, slice the belly all the way through to the thick shell and try to crack the shell a bit to keep them openened a bit, and add butter and lime juice. Be careful not to overcook; tender to dried out and stringy is only a 60 second difference.

      1. Thaw in the refrigerator. Cut the shell to expose the meat. Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper and throw them on the grill, a few minutes on each side, shell side down first until meat is opaque. Enjoy with a little melted butter with lemon juice. Divine.

        1. Unlike Maine lobster, which I think is best steamed, Florida (or Caribbean) spiny lobster I find is a little sturdier and holds up better to grilling or wet cooking methods like stews. Likewise stands up better to more assertive spicing.

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            I made the fra diabolo last night. Pretty darn good. But I did overcook the tails slightly, so I think I will sear (and maybe flame in brandy) then remove while I make the sauce and adding back the lobster and shrimp to warm at the last few minutes.

          2. When gilling I cut through the shell and open it up so it looks like A heart, brush with butter add fresh garlic and grill 6/8 min.
            They are also awesome deepfried!