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Apr 20, 2009 01:29 PM

Good "neighborhood" joint in Warehouse or Quarter?

We're heading to NO for Jazz Fest next week and have 3 nights available for FOOD... we're going to August one night (fancy), Port of Call another night (burgers) and I want our third night to be something in between... something casual but amazing. We're staying in the Warehouse District with no car so walking distance would be preferable. Any suggestions?

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  1. Cochon, RioMar, La Boca, or for more in the Warehouse District:

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      Thanks for the warehouse district list ... what does everyone think of Boucherie, by the way? I don't see that in any of the suggestions.

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        Boucherie is Uptown and out of the boundary you set for the WD. You can always take the streetcar and walk the few blocks off Carrollton to the restaurant. I would call first and reserve, as it has gained in popularity. They now have their liquor license, but do offer $5 corkage per bottle or 6-pack.

    2. Cochon is great in the Warehouse Disctrict. Drago's if you like Charboiled Oysters. Johnny's Poboys if you want poboys. And Port Of Call is overrated.

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        well of all the suggestions, as far as a "neighborhood" joint goes i think Port Of Call is the only one to fit the bill! its in my neighborhood, plenty of stools to keep warm and chat w/ folks on, and the bartenders know their regulars.

        im definitely in the POC camp -- love the burgers, love the drinks, love my bartenders.

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          I love Port of Call, but the waits get frustrating. A friend and I had a great burger at Ya Mama's the other night. Even though it was a Friday night during Jazz fest, we were able to walk right in. We sat down at the bar and within 15 minutes were happily mowing down our juicy, perfect mushroom-swiss burgers, while the line at Port of Call was probably still winding down the block.

          By the way, has anyone ever tried the peanut butter burger at Ya Mama's? I'm intrigued but apprehensive . . .

      2. I agree, I'd trade yo mama's for port of call. During jazzfest many places will be crowded so you might want to have have several backups in mind ... maybe coop's place and fiorello's on decatur, bennachin on royal

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          Fiorella's moved to Exchange Alley in the old SideBar location, next to the police station. at least that's who was in that location last Friday.

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            I don't think it moved, I think it's a second location.

        2. Cochon is totaly booked for Jazz Fest at least for a party of 5.

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            Jacques-Imo!!! Hands down. They don't take reservations unless you have a party of 5 or more....so sounds like it would work for your group.

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              That's about as far from the Quarter as you could get.

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                But easily accessible via streetcar.

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              yeah, we tried to get a res for Cochon and never got a call back... I figured they might be booked..