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Apr 20, 2009 01:28 PM

First Day in Tokyo, Izakaya, Tsukiji...

I'll be making my first trip ever to Japan this coming Thursday and have been highly anticipating/fearing the food scene in Tokyo. There are just so many options and when the language barrier comes into play, I just don't know where to go, hence I have come to Chowhound for help.

Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced (around $50usd/per person including drinks) traditional izakaya near the Hotel Okura in tokyo where my lack of Japanese will not hinder a good time? I was thinking that since the hotel is near Roppongi that area may be good to go out for dinner in since the plan our first night is dinner, then go out to an all night club/bar (reccs for this would be appreciated as well) then stroll into the Tsukiji market in the morning for a fresh fish breakfast (also if there are places here anyone would recommend I would appreciate it).

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. To follow up my request before, after some research on Bento and other Chowhound threads I think I may want to check out Sushi Dae in Tsukiji, is it a decent choice? Still having trouble finding a good Izakaya though so help there would be very much appreciated still. Read some posts about shunju on here, but not sure if it's a modern feel and/or expensive?


    1. It's not exactly Chow related, but where you'll want to spend all night drinking before Tsukiji will definitely depend on your age and perhaps your smokey bar tolerance. Keep in mind, if you get sick of the club you can always go to a karaoke place to spend the hours and order food (chow related) although don't expect anything terribly yummy.

      Relatively near Roppongi (15min walk perhaps) is this place that I haven't been to yet.
      They have course meals for about $30, so add 20 in drinks and you'll be set.
      It seems like a good place, I just haven't made it there yet.

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        Thanks a lot, Teyandei looks like a perfect place to start off our (a 26 and 25 year old's) night.

        1. re: MinhLikesFood

          Your ages are perfect for the long night ahead of you.
          Check out for some club/restaurant info and also the Metropolis Magazines website, it'll have all the club listings for the weekend. It comes out ever Friday.
          Feel free to email for club/bar rec's.