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Looking for prepared blintzes W/O filling

When I make blintzes the filling is the easiest part. It is the blintzes wraps that is the annoying part. It is cost inefficient to buy blintzes already fill with, say, 4 to a package. I would love to be able to buy a package of, say, 20 prepared blintzes wraps. Should not cost that much to make and package and would be a great starting point. Sort of like making pies by starting with a prepared pie crust.

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  1. I've seen those!! I can't remember where, but I know I saw them refrigerated with waxed paper between the layers. So they exist..

    1. Check for crepe wraps. I know they come ready to be filled. I have a friend that uses Asian wonton wrappers. I saw crepe wraps before Pesach. I think they were in the produce section at Fairway but I have been to so many markets shopping for the holiday since then my mind is a blur. I think they may also be available frozen. Good luck and happy filling.

      1. I've seen crepes in the produce section, near the strawberries.

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            kosher yes, but dairy

            most waldbaums on the island carry them, also in the freezer by the frozen fruit section

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              Dairy is just fine since I will be using them for cheese blintzes.

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                if you get the frozen ones, defrost them on top of a couple of paper towels, and keep them under the pile while youre stuffing them indivisulally, lots of trial and error taught me that

        1. In Toronto I regularly see various Asian and North African wrappers (usually frozen) that are kosher and pareve. There are various sizes, thicknesses, and styles.

          The crepe wrappers (usually in the produce section) tend not to be as good.

          1. pomegranate has them as we sell it to them in bulk and they repack it .also supsol in queens. by pom ithink it is in one of the front end freezer but i'm not positive but they absolutely have it

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                Gleibler, where can I get your ready made crepes in the Monsey area?

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                  Being that gliebler posted this in April 2009, (s)he might not see your query now.

              2. I've had some good pre-made crepes like that and some truly awful ones (chewy, gritty sawdust). It will be truly worth your time to taste-test first.

                1. Looks like I will have to make them this year. I can't seem to find them anywhere in the 5 towns. To me it seems like a no brainer to carry them unless the maufactures want people to buy the ready made blintzes at an inflated cost. If I could have the prepared crepes I could whip up blintzes in no time flat. Sigh.

                  1. I went to Gourmet Glatt and saw that they had in the refridgerated section Nasoya Egg Roll Wraps. On the package it says "Great for Spring Rolls, Crepes, and Lasagna" I hope it makes a good blintz since this is the only one that comes even close to what I am looking for. This is a package of 21 Crepes for $2.19, considering the great prices that are going on right now for cottage cheese and cream cheese, the cost per blintz should be a fraction of what the ready made ones cost.

                    For anyone following the sales, Gourmet Glatt is selling Friendship Cottage Cheese for $1.99/16oz and Philly cream cheese for $.99. They also have extra large eggs for $89/doz.

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                      The egg roll wraps are not as sweet or as delicate as blintz wraps, so you might want to try out one first before making them all and basing a meal around them, just to make sure it tastes good.

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                        You are wise, I will try one first. When I make blintzes myself they are, as you say, sweet and delicate, many of the ready made blintzes are far from delicate yet people still buy them. I guess there are alot of people out there that never had home made blintzes and don't know better.

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                          I tried one of the egg roll wraps - not for blintzes! I decided to make my own, was real easy. In the past I would use oil in the frying pan to make the crepes, messy, this year I used one of the oil sprays and a non stick frying pan, one-two-three easy blintzes.

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                            I referred to the Jennie Grossinger cookbook to make the blintze crepe. Remembering to take a clean pillowcase to spread the crepes. Filling it with a combination of farmer cheese and cream cheese with sugar and vanilla added. Then assembling into blintze to be fried again. Delicous with sour cream. At my age I dont think I can make them as good as then.

                    2. Resurrecting to ask if anyone came up with anything this year. And to kvetch about why don't the stores/manufacturers pick up on this idea? Frozen crepe leaves are readily available in Israel all year round! I was surprised not to be able to find them back in the States.

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                        Maybe because they make so much on the ready made ones that they don't want to lose on such a cash cow.

                        There are either so few players in the ready made kosher food business or they have an understanding among themselves as to what will be available. Like I said if the crepe were ready made it takes seconds to complete the process and make a cheese blintz.

                        This would be such a no brainer and so easy to mass produce. Sigh! I give up. I simply bought my ready made ones from Costco. I think a package of 10 went for $11+

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                          A few years ago, I invested in a non-stick electric crepe pan made by Villaware. It's made this whole blintz making thing very simple. In the past, I have also bought the blintz "skins" from a local kosher restaurant/caterer (not in existence anymore) and stuffed them with my own stuffing.
                          I hope this helps for next year!
                          Chag sameach.

                      2. Thank you all for replying, Mamaleh (hey, that's my name - or at least what my aunts call me! LOL!), MartyB, and classylady.

                        I know crepes are easy, and it's even one of those repetitive action activities where I can get into one of those very pleasant kitchen trances where before you know it, there's a stack of crepes in front of you that's twice as much as you need. But I'm sooooo lazy sometimes. I just got spoiled in Israel, because you can get them ready-made and frozen, and without preservatives, so there was really nothing in them you wouldn't put yourself - and the filling is what makes it your own, anyway. They were very well done, properly thin, not symmetrical-extruded from a machine but very appetizing. Sigh.

                        So I guess I shall make them myself. A good excuse to buy a little crepe pan. MartyB, this tidbit of info may be the push that finally makes me go join Costco.

                        classylady, I love the Jennie Grossinger cookbook! Such a classic. I only have the paperback, well-thumbed-through and ratty, but one day I will treat myself to a used copy of the hardcover. Everything is taught exactly as it should be and then tastes exactly like it's supposed to, with no nonsense and no trendiness. I don't understand why it's out of print.

                        So what fillings are we salivating over, besides cheese, of course? Being of Hungarian extraction (if my aunts call me Mamaleh, many of you could have guessed that already...), I have to make some with walnuts & sugar or else there will be a mutiny, and also some with jam. But I forget the proportions, gotta go call Mom :).

                        Chag Bikurim Same'ach everyone!

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                          I just did a product search on the OU website, and there were at least 3 different results for plain crepes including the brands Echo Lake, Bruno's, and Abel and Schafer. I don't know where you can find them in your neighborhood, but it might be worth contacting the companies to see if they are readily available.

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                            I preserved the Jenny Grossinger book which I believe is out of print. Printed the recipe on the computer and kept most of the books (paperback and hardcover) together but I lost a couple of pages. Two books of Israeli cooking by Molly Bar David and Gail Greene which I have are well cared for.

                          2. Although I make a damn good cheese blintz, I must admit that the ones that Costco was selling were awesome. Hand made withy Farmer cheese and not-frozen it was way better than the ones that I had at a lavish catered buffet at the shul that I attended. Certainly better than the pathetic ones being sold at the local stores in the frozen section.

                            The only problem that I have with buying ready made blintzes is the guilt factor. They have the calorie content on the package and I usually balk when I see the numbers. If I make them myself I see no numbers so I act like they are calorie free. Same problem with buying cakes from a bakery vs. packaged ones from the store. Foolish - yes, but that’s how I tick!

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                              What brand were the ones in Costco? Were they Cholov Yisroel?

                              1. re: hanistor

                                Gabila's "The Ulimate Cheese Blintz"

                                Chof K Dairy

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                                  I couldn't find it this year at Costco, if anyone sees it this week - give a holler!

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                                    oddly, our target had blintz wrappers, with a hashgacha, in the produce, next to a whole section of refrigerated chinese noodles, which all also have hashgachot

                                    ok, maybe not all, but all the ones that ive checked out

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                                      Bummer, went to the Target in the Green Acres Shopping Center - They were closed! The next nearest one is some 8 miles away. Not worth the shlep - especially at today's gas prices and my car needing Premium.

                                      While I was there I went to BJs, Unlike Costco where every freekin time I go there I spend $100+ at BJs I wound up spending $20. I figured maybe they would carry cheese blintzes - nope. Very little catering to the frum 5 towns crowd. Costco has that sewn up.

                                      1. re: MartyB

                                        the target that i go to is in college point, right off on the whitestone expressway, i dont think its 8 miles from 5ts

                                        its also in the same shopping center as a bjs, i find that this one, the one in queens has more jew-supplies, no clue if they had blintzes, bc im not a blintz person, but they have a significant amount of decent stuff

                                        i agree about costco and bjs, part of it is in the design of the store, which means its intentional

                                        costco- bc it doesnt have its aisles labeled, kinda forces you to wander around to find what youre looking for, and in the wandering you pick up a dozen other things, whereas bjs is organized and consistent, i go in, know what i want, and leave

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                                      My Costco (I'm not in NYC area) carries Kasia's blintzes that I think are really good. I sometimes make my own and the Kasia's are pretty close. They are CRC approved and are in the refrigerated section.

                              2. Does anyone know of where I can purchase the blintze wraps, here on the West Coast? Not one grocery store carries them and only frozen blintzs during the holidays. Need them for a Bridal Breakfast in late September. ShirleyAnn