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Apr 20, 2009 01:09 PM

Alone in Clearwater Beach

I will be staying in Clearwater Beach for a few nights next month. When I travel alone, I enjoy places where I can sit at the bar and enjoy good food. I'm not embarrassed to dine alone, I just find it more pleasant to pass the time sitting at the bar, maybe striking up a conversation or even watching a game on the tube. Any food in any price range, so long as it's good. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Where on the beach are you staying, so I can make recs for you within walking distance?

    We are regulars at the sushi bar at Kiku, which is on Mandalay across from the Sandpearl (on the second floor of the pink mall). If you are a sushi fan you will love it for sure.

    For a convivial beach vibe (and beach food to go with it), Frenchy's Rockaway Beach is my choice. You get some decent beach food (they're known for their fried grouper sandwich and she-crab soup) in a great location on the beach. Across the parking lot and also on the beach is Palm Pavilion, which usually has a band most evenings (the food isn't as good as Frenchy's, though).

    An unsung gem is Clear Sky Cafe, which offers three squares a day and has an open-air bar. We usually go for their excellent b'fasts; my husband also loves their pizza, and they have a nicely varied menu. This too is on Mandalay, on the west side of the street close to the Sandpearl.

    Speaking of the Sandpearl, their outside bar between the beach and the pool has a tasty albeit limited menu.

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      Frenchy's get my vote!! I live in Chicago and I dream about that blackened grouper sandwich. My favorite Frenchy's location is Clearwater Beach, near the Hilton on the beach.

      I'd also recommend Crabby Bill's in Indian Rocks Beach.

      1. re: laurie

        I will be staying at the Hilton. Thanks for the recs.

        1. re: Jimmyg

          Then all of these recs (except for the one on Indian Rocks Beach) are within a couple blocks walking distance. Crabby Bills has two locations in CB as well, so you don't need to travel that far, anyway. Another place you might enjoy is Cooter's, on Pointsettia, which is just a couple blocks east of Mandalay. Go on a Monday or Tuesday for the all-you-can-eat snow crab if that's your thing--it's really good.

          1. re: laurie

            We escape to CB from Chicago a couple of times a year (will actually be headed there next week). Frenchy's Rockaway Grill is always our first and last stops of the trip (and usually a couple in between). In addition to the grouper sandwich & the she-crab soup, the conch fritters are especially good. Very casual.

            We also enjoy going to Bobby's Bistro for a nice night out.... it's located adjacent/behind Heileman's. Great outdoor patio (not on the gulf though). More upscale than most places on the beach, but not stuffy. Best wine list & service. We've never been disappointed.