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Apr 20, 2009 12:57 PM

suggestions for a vegetarian Torontonian coming to Montreal for an extended weekend

Hi all!

I will be in Montreal in mid May for a conference in the Mont Royal area and am staying at the W hotel. I am looking for good vegetarian friendly dinner spots in either of these areas. By vegetarian I mean that I don't eat meat, dairy or eggs....but do eat seafood and fish.

I will be dining I'm ok with both casual and something a little nicer...but I don't need super luxe this trip.

Some of the places I've looked at are Pintxo, Pushap Fair Du Monde and Aux Vivres.

What do you think of these and what would you recommend?

Much appreciated!

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  1. You can check out Yuan ( It's a Chinese/Asian vegetarian place that serves relatively good and tasty food. It's probably within your area as well. It's pretty tasty and even though I'm not vegetarian I found the food pretty tasty!

    There's also Chu Chai on St. Denis street ( which is more Thai cuisine. I haven't tried the food there but I've been told the food is decent though the price is a bit high (but still affordable).

    If you want to pick up some mock meat/vegetarian meat to cook on your own, try this quaint grocery/tea store on Duluth as well called Tiende Sante (279 Duluth Est).

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      I havent tried Yuan yet but Chu Chai on St Denis is great! probably one of the better Thai restaurant int Montreal. I am not a Vegitarian and I like Chu Chai alot. I dont understand how they make the "chicken" or "Duck" taste so similar. The peanut chicken with cripsy spinach is quite popular. As are their salads and soups. I remember the spring rolls being really good and not too greasy. I found it quite afforadle.

      I would also reccomend trying the Restaurant AUX VIVRES on St Laurent BLVD cross st St Joseph. well between Villeneuve and st Joseph, There is always a line up when I go but its worth the wait. Everything is really fresh. They have interesting sandwiches and salads, Vegitarian Chili. etc soups

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        I'd head to Chu Chai or Chuch (bistro version next door) but I'd hesitate before going to Yuan. I really didn't like it when I tried it - big mishmash of vegetables with overly sweet sauces.

        If you do eat seafood and fish a whole other world of possibilities opens up .. sushi places like Tri Express, Pintxo for sure, a tuna or salmon tartar at Marché 27 maybe, or head the Jean Talon market and get some snow crab for yourself. You could have dimsum at Maison Kam Fung and focus on shrimp offerings, get a seafood crepe at Restaurant 5000 Ans. Lots to eat everywhere, really.

      2. Well, good grief, Le Commensal of course. I would go 100 miles out of my way to eat there and I'm not even a vegetarian. 1) There are several branches; check phone book on arrival. 2) Casual. You take what you want from vast, staggering buffets and they weigh your plate. Reasonable in price. 3) The cold buffet is the most splendiferous salad bar of your dreams. 4) The hot buffet has EVERYTHING from moussakas and lasagnas and real mashed potatoes to a boeuf Bourgignon that hasn't really got any boeuf in it but you won't notice the difference. Just now I googled Le Commensal and found lots of hits and reviews and even pictures.

        1. Both Faim du Monde and Aux Vivres are excellent choices. There is also Crudessence (raw vegan) if you want something even more different and closer to Mont Royal.

          1. For the casual, I don't think anyone's mentioned Lola Rosa yet - it's in the McGill ghetto, near where you'll be, at 545 Milton. Yummy vegetarian with some vegan.


            1. I would avoid Pushap La Faim du Monde... it's probably the most tasteless experience I've ever had in a restaurant... and it was the same for everyone at the table. Aux Vivres on the other hand is pretty good... the BLT for a quick lunch is really good.

              Crudessence is a great experience too... the carrot/orange "cake" is amazing. Everything is raw and vegan as mentioned by dmarg.

              I've also heard lots of good comments about Fuchsia but haven't been yet.