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Apr 20, 2009 12:47 PM

Rockport, MA - Lobster Pool Restaurant vs. Roy Moore Lobster Company

Anticipating nice weather, I'm heading to Rockport, MA this Saturday. Any votes between these two restaurants? Any other suggestions in Rockport for casual seafood restaurants? I read that Roy Moore's has lobster crates for seats. Not sure if that is ideal for young children. Thanks.

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  1. Lobster Pool might be better for kids. There's more room, and yes, actual tables. Roy Moore tends to be a little cheaper, I think, but lobster is relatively inexpensive right now anyways. As for the actual lobster, you probably can't go wrong. The real clincher is the view from the Lobster Pool, which is an absolutely gorgeous panorama of Folly Cove. Roy Moore, of course, has the advantage of being directly in Rockport, but the view from the Lobster Pool can't be beat.

    1. These are two very different eating experiencs. How old are the kids?

      Roy Moore's seating is on their smallish back deck. There is no room for kids to run around; they have to pretty much stay seated. On a beautiful day at lunchtime, seats can be hard to come by. The menu is fairly narrowed down to lobster, chowder, and a few other items. Crates are indeed the seats. I've been taking my son there since he was 6 (now 11) and he did fine on the crates as a little kid.

      Lobster Pool has a pretty big menu, inside and outside tables, and the kids can run around outside while you wait for the food. On a nice day, the outside tables can be full and you may have to wait for one to open up or eat inside.

      If you stick to the lobster and fried seafood at Lobster Pool, the food is better than if you get something like a burger or quesadilla.

      I like eating at Roy Moore's because it's Roy Moore's. They boil the lobster right there, no frills, eat on crates, move on out. Lobster Pool is good when I want more of a restaurant experience with a bigger menu plus they can have some awesome desserts.

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        thanks for your reply. my kids are 3 and 5 and while they are mostly well behaved at restaurants, it seems like more a risk to take them to roy moore's even though to me it sounds more appealing. can you take out from roy moore's?

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          I don't know but it should be pretty easy to call or stop in and ask. Where would you go to eat the lobster? There's a beach quite a walk away and the end of the street has some flatish rocks one can sit on.

          There is a hot dog restaurant not far from Roy Moore's, across the street. They have lots of picnic tables outside and a slew of hotdog toppings. No seafood, though if you got take-out for yourself from Roy Moore's and hot dogs for the kids, that could work.

          I've eaten at both places for years. Only gotten lobster at Roy's and have always satisfied but this is a no-frills place with few options. Lobster Pool has been a mixed experience, at times. I've learned to stick to the lobster roll and fried seafood. Never gotten a lobster there because I get them at Roy's.

          BTW, if you take a left out of the Lobster Pool parking lot and another left up the road to Halibut State Park, that can be a very nice place for the kids to run around.

      2. Lobster Pool has very good food, a trememdous view, nice tables and they allow BYO. IMO, cleaner than RM. They have a good diverse menu, as well for the kids, Also, when in season they usually have free watermelon as well.

        1. I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews about both places on the web. Are there other restaurants in Rockport that you would recommend?

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            It's supposed to be nice this Sat, I'd opt for something outside, keep in mind that there are deep opinions about lobster and clam shacks in this area. None are perfect but, most offer good food at reasonable prices. Another place that is good is Lobsta Land off 133 in Gloucester, you can see it from rte 128.

          2. My son and I were in Rockport, yesterday, and ate at both Roy Moore's and Lobster Pool.

            Roy Moore's lobster was $15. Served as usual with no frills, just melted butter. The best part is sitting out on the deck, getting messy, and relaxing as we ate. For the first time, I had a cup of clam chowder. Stick with the lobster. The chowder had only two clam pieces, some potatoes, and lots of very buttery, thick soup. I have to admit; I like a thinner broth in my chowder but the lack of clams was a big negative. Roy and his sons/helpers were great, though. Very cheerful and helpful.

            Lobster Pool disappointed. I don't know if they're working the kinks out before the season starts or what. I got a lobster roll and it wasn't freshly made. The roll especially was stale, hard, lying around for a bit, whatever. There was a good serving of lobster in the roll but while not off, it didn't taste fresh. Our french fries also tasted like they'd been lying around a bit. Not hot, a little soggy/soft. There was a steady stream of customers although they weren't jammed so the food should have been fresher. The counter help was snippy. Contrasted with the bonhommie at Roy Moore's, I wish we'd given more of our business to Roy.

            And the desserts at Lobster Pool that I've bragged about? No dice, yesterday. Very disappointing.

            On another note, we were surprised at the number of empty storefronts and 'for rent" signs on Bearskin Neck. Must have been 5 or 6 of them.

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              Based on these and oth posts, I went there with DH and the kids after an amazing morning of whale watching in Gloucester. (not just one, but multiple breaches! A mom and calf swimming beside the boat for at least 20 min! Dolphins! A fin whale!). I will never go back, I think. Lovely spot, sure, and the lobster was good. Coleslaw dire, and fries just OK. (And a pretty small serving w the lobster, to boot.). The reason I won't go back? We waited at least 40 minutes. Ridiculous. It's not like we ordered a souffle. The place was busy, but hardly overly so - no more than you would expect on a late summer Sat. (We got there a bit past 1). Arrrrgh. Not worth the view.