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Apr 20, 2009 12:34 PM

Chow at Sox Park?

I will be traveling to Chicago from New York and plan on taking in a Sox game. Anything good to eat at the ballpark?

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    1. There are more choices than listed in the link. All the food I've had has been pretty decent.The Maxwell street style polish sandwich is enticing with the smell of onions lofting in the air. Usually my wife runs for the food and I watch the game.She always comes back with something different.

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        chicago style dogs or italian beef?

      2. I'd go for the beef with hot giardiniera. Wet of course. Hot dogs are really a personal choice.I'd try the Vienna beef hot dog vs best Kosher. Go for the Polish instead or share one of each.That's always the best way to sample food.

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          Unfortunately Best Kosher is no longer available due to Sara Lee.

        2. But keep your expectations low. On a value/quality continuum Sox park ranks with Wrigley and O'Hare as one of the worse venues in the region to experience Chicago cuisine.

          1. Try the Cheddarwurst. I have been going to the park since it opened in 1991 and that is my absolute favorite ballpark food. I get it with just the sausage and the bun and enjoy it every time. It's like a large cheese-filled smoky link, if you've ever had those. Not all the stands have them. I know they are located at several of the main level stands, though. I love those things.