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Apr 20, 2009 12:03 PM

Brunch between Hershey and Paoli?

We're going to be in Hershey this weekend for our anniversary. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a reservation at Hotel Hershey for brunch on Sunday. Any recommendations for a very nice brunch spot between Hershey and Paoli? Preferably closer to Hershey but we will be heading home to Paoli that day so any recommendations would be appreciated. Maybe in Lancaster?

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  1. Try The Olde Greenfield Inn in Lancaster, right off Rt. 30 Greenfield Rd. exit - so it is right on your way. Known for excellent brunch. Just google them.

    1. This is probably late, but The Hershey Pantry is a nice place I frequented when I dated a guy the lived in Hershey. Can you recomend a Brunch spot for me in/around Paoli and Malvern or Wayne? Thanks!