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Apr 20, 2009 11:35 AM

Mediocre Lunch at Mahony's

Just ate at Mahony's for lunch, and it was pretty disappointing. I've been there 4 or 5 times, and so far, I've discovered that I only like their meatball poboy, their fries, and their onion rings. Everything else I've had there has been pretty bad. Today, I got the cochon de lait poboy, and the wife got fried shrimp. Cochon was bad. Large chunks of bland and very, very dry pork. I'm not sure how they got the meat this dry. Boston Butts aren't that hard to keep moist. They tried to save it by piling an inch of cole slaw on it, but even that couldn't salvage this sandwich. Nothing good about it. Would have sent it back, but my wife was in a hurry to get back to work.

My wife's fried shrimp had 4 shrimp on it. Granted, they were larger than typical poboy shrimp (maybe 15 count), but on an 8" piece of french bread, that wasn't enough. It was basically a bread sandwich. That sandwich needed at least 8 shrimp of that size.

Fries were good. Home cut and fresh out of the grease. Everything else was pretty bad. It'll still be my go-to joint for meatball poboy's, but I think I'll stick to that from here on out.

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  1. Never have been a fan of the place. It is a pretty building, but that is about all I can say.

    1. having tried a bunch of stuff now, i kinda agree w/ ya. i love the meatball, the first poboy i had there. nice anise kick. love the onion rings. bummer. veal w/ fresh motz isnt bad. but the cochon was super bland; the shrimp & fried green tomatoes sounded good was wasnt so much (better one at crabby jacks); and the oyster + bacon didnt really work for me (cheese unmelted, etc..).

      love that meatball tho.

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      1. re: kibbles

        I've only been once. I really liked the oyster and bacon, but also was confused as to why the cheese wasn't melted. My main beef was the slowish service--there weren't many people in there, and I waited a good 25 minutes. But I'll try them again--looks like the meatball's the one to try.

        1. re: midcity

          It's weird--as much as I've had barely there service, etc., I keep going back to Mahony's. I seem to have developed a mild addiction to the Peacemaker, unmelted cheese and all. It would be so much better with the cheese melted, though!

      2. I'm glad someone brought up Mahoney's. A group of my friends and I went on St. Patrick's Day and had an awful experience. First, I ordered the shrimp remoulade and fried green tomato poboy (my favorite at College Inn). While the shrimp were grilled to perfection, there was hardly any sauce and the bread was stale. I asked for more sauce and was required to pay almost 2 dollars for it. This was after paying what I considered a lot of money for a po-boy, fries, and an Abita. After several of us ate, we decided to stay and drink because it began to rain. We were not rowdy (we're not college students) and paid a lot of money for drinks, yet the woman who worked there (short brown bob, middle-aged) could not have been ruder. She made rude comments under her breath, made a point to shoot our table dirty looks, and handed out beads to the entire restaurant except our table. When some of the guys we were with asked whether they could do Irish Car bombs (I know, I know, but it was St. Pats) the bartender said yes, then the rude woman overheard and refused to do so even though they had all the ingredients. I mean, it was St. Pats at a place called Mahoney's. I will never go back again and it's really too bad because the fries were awesome.

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        1. re: Alexis Butler GWU

          Wow. I didn't have that kind of experience with the service, but I did get a weird vibe from the woman behind the counter--like I was kind of a bother to her, instead of someone who was kind of the reason she was behind the counter in the first place.

          What do you think of College Inn? I've always wanted to try that place.

          1. re: midcity

            Love, love College Inn. It's my go-to place when I am out of ideas. Can eat on a bargain and do po-boys, or can spend a little extra cash and order off the entrees menu. The redfish special changes seasonally and is always great. Service is really great as well.

        2. I have eaten there twice, and both times the service was very good. Ate a roast beef once and a cochon the second time. Liked their fries. My server was great. Maybe you caught them on a bad day,or the server you had got fired...?

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          1. re: jeffteach

            Wait a minute. They have servers? If that means dropping the food off at the table and never coming back, then yeah, they got that. I could care less about the "service" in a poboy joint, though. My complaint is the food. I've been 4 times. Nothing really good about the place except the onion rings, fries, and the meatball poboy. I disliked the roast beef and the cochon. Most reports I hear out of the place aren't good either. Search the board. They're not getting high marks. Glad you like it, though. But with a ton of other poboy joints with stellar offerings, I'll take my $ elsewhere. I would go back if I needed a meatball though.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              New Orleans Mag did a write up a few months about about the best po boys. Mahoney's topped the list. You always have to wonder who is in bed with whom when it comes to restaurant reviews etc. They should should send us to review for a totally unbiased opinion.

              1. re: ScarlettNola

                A lot of those "best restaurant" lists only list restaurants that paid to advertise. I said a lot not all.

                1. re: mrsfury

                  This was an actual article about sandwichs/po boys. I believe it was April or May issue. I will have to look for it for reference.