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Apr 20, 2009 11:14 AM

Salt Creek Cafe Grand Strand

I believe I have found a dimond in the rough,in golf land .This eatery in Murrels Inlet SC .Is a pleasant surprise .The thrust of this place is, up scale crowd, friendly,excelent service , outstanding food ,with a diverse menue and fair prices . I am sure if you do not see it on the menue ,if they have the ingridence they will cook it for you .
The happy hour is one of the best that I have found on the Strand in resent years ,If you are there during the happy hour time period and stay longer you are ''grandfathered in''with those prices untill you leave ...If you are in the area .it is worth a stop

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  1. I will have to check that out.

    My favorite Murrells Inlet joint is the Hot Fish Club.. unbeatable for drinking and appetizers, sitting outdoors with a good view, nice breeze.. also lots of fun at night.

    1. We went to Salt Creek Cafe recently and it was quite nice. Our only objection was that the Web site's happy hour menu lists all kinds of great food specials, we got there for happy hour and told them we wanted that menu, they were confused but let us order from it, and were still charged full price. Apparently they are confused between Happy Hour and Early Bird, which have different hours. Ask first if that's important (although we did and still got the wrong answer).

      Homemade potato chips were excellent. Hoegarden drafts, at least if you can figure out what hours they have the special on them, were $2. It was really hard to decide with all the options (Thanksgiving dinner? Meatloaf dinner? Fresh blackened fish?) The BBQ chicken pizza was pretty good. The only thing I wouldn't get again was dessert (some kind of "mudslide" concoction that was cold, sweet, and not very interesting).

      The owners were extremely gracious and semi-fixed the price issue. We will definitely go back.

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      1. re: wvurx

        I have been eating there since September at least once a week...more when I can.....and I have never had a problem with the "happy bird / Early Hour" as they call it. is the same thing not two separate menus or separate times. It is until 6 in the whole restaurant and outside and until 7 in the actual bar.
        I am not being rude but if you had to "ask" for the menu...which I have never had to do they just give it to you along with the regular menu and the specials for the evening....maybe you weren't there at the right time.

        1. re: LaLa

          you were the one who tipped me off to this place .. Thanks ! It seems to be getting very popular since Ausin's changed hands ..

          1. re: big1515

            I will probaly regret the day I told anyone!LOL!
            It is so refreshing to go somewhere that gets it right.

      2. Whil I am still mourning the loss of Louis and The Fish Camp, I have enjoyed Salt Creek and highly recommend it

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        1. re: LGD

          The thought of never again having Louis' crab cakes or shrimp and vegetable spring rolls is highly depressing! And the bread...unbelievable foccacia.

          1. re: dawnb

            he will probably show up again his food but he is as flighty as the wind.LOL!