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Apr 20, 2009 10:46 AM

Ginas By the Sea

We have been dining here for years. We usually go off season once or twice a year. Has anyone been since they reopened? It's reliable. I love their scampi.

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  1. Reliable is the word. Larry Riley hasn't changed the menu since he and his departed brother Ross opened the place in the mid-70s. Haven't been yet this season, but there's no reason it would change now! One of my favorite "hidden" gems on the peninsula.

    1. They're open Thurs-Sun now through late October. Went last night for dinner - it was a little more crowded than I would have thought, but at 7:15 on a thurs walked right in. Service was terrific as always. The linguine with white clam seemed a little different than years past but was still tasty (and even better today for lunch). Husband had 2 apps - clams casino which were good but non-traditional in that they had cheese (and pricey I thought at $14.95 for 6) and a fantastic wild mushroom ravioli with a pancetta/cream sauce.
      Nothing's changed which makes it great to go back - I look forward to their reopening each year.

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        CCG- Didn't they open in the 60s? I swear I went there then, but I could be wrong. I love that place. Good memories.

        1. re: ciclista

          Actually, I believe the original Gina's was open in the 50s. The Riley brothers reopened it in 1976 or 1977. Perhaps you remember the original or maybe Rose's which was just around the corner?

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            I guess I was at the original Gina's then! Before the "by the sea" was added. We also used to go to Rose's. And Joe Mac's. They were the neighborhood restaurants!

            1. re: ciclista

              Yes! it was called "Gina's House" then.

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                We have always loved Gina's, bothfor the food and the old-time beachy ambiance; sometimes we just give up though as the wait is so long or sometimes we're simply turned away and told that it's "full up." Both Joe Mac's and Rose's were true treasures, I miss them both and have so many fond memories of good food and s0 much fun. I have never forgiven either of them for closing.