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What's your favorite beachside restaurants/bar in SD?

Gorgeous weekend at the beach..lots of people out having fun at restaurants up and down the coast.
What are you fav places for drinks and food at the beach?
My Fav's..

Lahaina in PB for pitchers of beer..beach cruiser is mandatory
The Pennant in South Mission..
Green Flash in PB..bloody's
Saska's in MB..
Jose Court Room La Jolla
Alfonso's in LJ..nachos and Marg's or Dos XX on tap
George's on the terrace or bar in LJ..
The Brig..Shelter Island..fish tacos and Marg
Bahia Don Bravo in LJ..Pacifico's and fish tacos
Fish Market Downtown..outside patio with shrimp cocktails and anchor steam

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  1. One thing that has always struck me about San Diego is the lack of "beachside" restaurants. (When I think "beachside", I think "on the beach" or beach front.)

    Every place you mentioned above (save Lahaina's, which could be worst bar in san diego in my opinon 90% guys, 10% girls, and Greenflash) are not "beachside".

    Hotel Del is one.

    Tower 23 is another.

    Del Mar has a few, but the cuisine is lacking.

    San Diego is wide open for good "beachside" dinning.

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      I agree with you whole heartedly on this one. Its a common dilemma for me when we'd like to have drinks and food at the beach. And by beach I mean I can see the ocean from where I'm eating! For a beach community there's a serious lack of these locales...at least ones that have great food. If anyone has suggestions I'd be more then grateful!

      Some spots I end up with that I go to for the view:
      -Peohe's, Crab Catcher, Beach House, C Level,

      I always leave wishing there were other options.

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        Were you really expecting to get both a view and top notch chow together? At least IMO, the view and a bev, in SD, is easier to get than the 'great' chow, even without the view.

        1. re: cstr

          'Were you really expecting to get both a view and top notch chow together? "

          Not really in San Diego.

          In other coastal cities yes.

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            Expecting, no. Searching and hoping for something.

          2. re: daimyo

            Another aspect of San Diego dinning that is lacking is taking advantage of open air breezes.

            We have the best climate to do this.

        2. Speaking of beachside (or bayside) has anyone tried Candelas at the Coronado Landing. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, but how's the food?

          1. A perfect day for this question BC, I'd have to throw in World Famous for the view, maybe HH as some of the offerings aren't too bad.

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              Love World Famous..that is a beach cruiser mandatory restaurant!
              Breakfast on Sunday is pretty damn good with some bloody's and what is fun is to catch some waves while they are making your breakfast..

            2. South Beach in OB. Fried clam strips, the mini taco sampler and a Racer 5 sitting at the bar looking out the window at the beach and the pier.

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                Clam strips, rubber bands, clams need belly's to be called clams!

              2. JRDN's restaurant has a fantastic view and great food.

                1. I think BC was being light hearted and fun with the weather finally warming up. Just IDing places to hang out, have a light bite and a bev while watching the ocean, sunsets and SD scene.

                  1. JRDN
                    1500 Ocean (although that is set back a bit from the water)
                    Marine Room

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                      Ate at JRDN today.

                      Food is decent.

                      The service is laughable. (But I expected that, so it didn't really throw me off)

                    2. Crab Catcher in LJ has a great happy hour with ocean views since its across the street..fab crab bisque and mussels.

                      It is surprising that SD doesn't have a lot of places beachside that utilize our gorgeous coastline.

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                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        SD doesn't even have little diners on the beach or anything. You go up north and beaches are littered with cafes, diners, snack shacks, etc....nothing down here. Lahaina seems to be the only bar at the beach with easy access to sand (too bad it is butts to nuts crowded most warm days)

                        1. re: MrKrispy

                          Lahaina = walked by yesterday. 95% guys.

                          I think they have a reverse door policy there.

                          You can only enter if your party is mostly guys.

                          Man Diego.

                      2. Wow, not one mention of The Marine Room...food's pricey but can be worthwhile and a cocktail at the bar is an absolute must for me at least twice a year.

                        It's the essence of "beachside".

                        1. Cardiff State Beach campground - I cook my own food on the campfire, but there is a little taco shop with fresh seafood there (haven't tried it, looked and smelled good though.) Best part, if you cook your own or buy it there, is spending the night on the water for just $25, you provide the hammock. No need to drive means a couple extra cold beers before bed for me.

                          1. South Beach Bar&Grill on Newport in Ocean Beach has excellent fish tacos and other bar food. Their squid steak is outstanding. Prices are reasonable. Atmosphere, like most Ocean Beach establishments, is a little grungy. It is about 100 yards from the Ocean Beach Pier and the beach.

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                              No one mentioned Shades or Tower 2 in OB - both not right on the beach but outside and with a great Ocean View - Shades has a good happy hour and the food is not bad. Their flatbreads are fun and they have a pretty good lobster bisque. Great place to watch surf and the sunset.