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Apr 20, 2009 10:35 AM

first time visitor staying at crete and esplanade.

hi, my husband and i are arriving on wednesday, from san francisco and i can't wait. we have no idea where to start.

we are definitely open to any style but would love to eat food that is representative of new orleans.

thanks in advance.


p.s. does anyone know of any theaters where this american life live is playing thursday?

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    A search of the this American Life website, where they list all the places showing it, lists nothing for New Orleans.

    Are you going to Jazz Fest? Tons of food to eat out there

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    1. re: roro1831

      we are going on saturday and i am gonna eat my heart out. i was just looking on the website, and i didn't realize how many bands are playing. very exciting.

      1. re: potatoe

        You'll have a great time! Here is a list of some not to be missed food at the fest:

        Cochon du lait po-boy
        Soft-shell crab po-boy
        Crawfish Monica
        Crawfish enchiladas
        Crawfish sacks
        Mango freeze

    2. You are walking distance to some great places that will all be busy this weekend. For a local flavor, I recommend either Liuzza's By The Track at Lopez and Ponce De Leon OR Parkway Bakery on N. Hagan by the bayou. Both have great NOLA-style po boys and you really cannot go wrong. Both take credit cards, which can be important.

      Other places in the neighborhood include Cafe Degas (on Esplanade) and Mona's (also on Esplanade). The verdict is still out on Santa Fe and Nonna Mia (both also on Esplanade).

      There are dozens of other good places to eat, but there is enough food at Jazz Fest (see above) to keep you fat and happy. Enjoy!

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