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Apr 20, 2009 09:42 AM

Newbie D’Artagnan Shopper - What do we NEED to try?

I need to order some duck fat. What else should we get for our first purchase (on somewhat of a shoestring budget)?

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  1. We love their smoked chicken breast. It's quite unusual (not at all like cold cut smoked chicken or turky, which I can't abide). However, if you're going for the duck fat, why not roast a duck or two and save the fat? A four-to-five pounder yields a couple of cups anyway. And you have the duck to eat!

    1. I like their merguez sausage - handy quick dinner with lentils...their lamb is all great, like a little crown roast. which is really a family pak of fancy lamb chops if you slice it up -- are you meeting a minimum or something? D'A is high qual across the board, but I get it at the grocery store so not familiar with the mail order idea. Guess it depends what you have available locally.

      That smoked chicken breast makes for a brilliant dinner salad . . .

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        Exactly, I use the recipe from Gourmet a year or so ago, with wheat berries and roasted red peppers, and sherry vinegar in the dressing. My introduction to sherry vinegar, now will never be without it.
        Also remembered - the wild boar mini-roast is v tasty, makes a nice meal for 2 with some leftovers. It seems to be somewhat spottily available at least in NYC Fairway etc.

      2. I'm pretty sure they do a smoked duck breast, which is fantastic.

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          You GOTTA try the sliced dry cured duck breast (basically duck prosciutto) so good its almost indescribable , if you get a good package (basically look at the slices through the plastic. If most of what you see is pink meat, your fine, if however most of waht you see is white fat (i.e. it looks like raw bacon) put that one back as these packs tend to be less good; what meat is there is usally dry and tough.
          Speaking of Duck bacon, they make that too, and its worth a try as well, though fair warning it doesnt really taste like bacon at all (it's more like the smoked duck breast, dark, smoky and a little sour) one bonus (for those who like me like their breakfast meat on the lean side) is that being from a duck breast, all of the fat one each slice is in one rather loosely connected layer, so you can pull off pretty much all of the fatty tissue before you cook it)

        2. If you are ready for your second purchase, all these items are very reasonable at this present time.

          * pate de champagne
          * mini wild boar roast
          * wild boar flank steak
          * foie gras
          * duck and wild boar sausages
          * moulard duck magret breast
          * duck leg confit