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Apr 20, 2009 09:33 AM

In Search Of BBQ Beef Ribs

Hey, does anyone know a place where you can find Texas-style BBQ beef ribs? Around this areas, most people tend to assume the "ribs" are all porks.

There were only two places that I could find beef ribs, at all. (Sabang and Greenfields - both closed now. Neither were BBQ places.)

I'm specifically thinking of those HUGE boned, fatty ribs with big hunks of meat.

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  1. Well if you're willing to trek up to South Baltimore, I think that Rub on Light Street (advertises themselves as "Texas-style" BBQ) offers them.

    1. Yes! Try Big Bad Wolf or Sista Sandra's in Baltimore. My first choice is BBW, hands down! But when I'm not up for the drive to that side of town, Sista Sandra's is definitely acceptable.

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        Yea. Hit up Jillys in Pikesville (Baltimore County). It is not some dumpy chain either. And not really a crazy place as far as the crowd goes. It's Pikesville afterall. If you are familiar with Pikesville....

        1. re: Woof Woof Woof

          Bare Bones in Catonsville MD had an all-you-can-fit beef rib night last I was there 4 years ago. A Kosher (no pork zone) Chinese place in Pikesville MD, David Chiu China Bistro, has good ones. Wonder if Kosher Chinese exists around DC?

          1. re: chowsearch

            There is Kosher Chinese food in Rockville at Moshe Dragon. As luck would have it, they have perfectly yummy beef ribs.

      2. The guy who has a bbq stand at the corner of Pleasant Valley Rd and Route 50 in Chantilly (right next to Moore Cadillac) has beef ribs. I tried them a couple of weeks ago only because he was already sold out of pork ribs. I'm not a beef rib expert, but these were pretty darn tasty.

        Weekends only!

        1. update on Wash DC/Baltimore BEEF Ribs , please!
          Do I still need to get down to try BIG BAD WOLF ??!?
          (the name sure is catchy! Hope the ribs measure up, too!)

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          1. try Mr Ps ribs-he sells his ribs out of a converted school bus in NE dc (around 8th and RI ave) . you can google him-and its worth the trip--tasty!