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Apr 20, 2009 09:10 AM

Leftover mussels

So I bought 2 lbs of farm raised mussels thinking I would serve them as appetizer for Sunday night supper. Sauteed shallots, leeks, little celery, added red wine, garlic and tomatoes, steamed to perfection. Long story short, it ended up being 3 people, lots of leftover mussels. Put them in large plastic tub in fridge - can I re-heat them? How long will they keep? Or should I just chuck them in the garbage? Please help, thanks!

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  1. Hmm - I would NOT reheat them. Although they aren't as notorious as say, clams for getting tough, they will certainly not be their best if reheated. They also won't keep very long. I would try to serve them maybe cold on crackers or perhaps tossed with spaghetti. Pluck them from the shells first. I'd say try to use them up by tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

    The spaghetti idea would reheat them gently enough not to turn them tough and would certainly take off any refrigerator chill.

    1. my husband and I nearly always make lunch out of whatever was dinner the night before. I've done it with mussels plenty of times and they are quite fine. I'd try be gentle with the microwave (just heat till warm) but other than that they should be fine.

      1. At the end of a meal, I remove the left over mussels from the shell, and put them in the fridge. As with any cooked seafood it is best to eat them as soon as possible, but I don't think timing is critical. I've seen fully cooked, out of the shell mussels, mainly in Asian groceries.

        Cold or lightly warmed is probably best. Too much heat toughens them.

        1. I like the pasta idea....i have had reheated mussels tossed with pasta and as long as you reheat at a low temp, you should be fine.

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            they would also be nice stirred into risotto or with rice, peas and broth.

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              There's an idea too. The "broth" comment made me think of an Asian-style soup. Perhaps some miso and veggies, then toss in a few mussels at the end.

          2. Make a spicy dipping sauce for the cold mussels and serve with hot rice. Of course, this is my answer to a lot of left over questions.