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Apr 20, 2009 08:42 AM

Saturday night downtown for 3 young ladies

Good Morning,

My 2 friends and I are making our yearly shopping trip to Montreal this weekend and looking for a nice spot to have dinner and drinks Saturday night. We are 3 Torontonians in our late twenties looking for an overall experience. I am the foodie of the group but tend to weigh the whole experience more over just the food and drink. We've done some of the more typical spots along St Laurent and old Montreal. I guess what I'm looking for is a fun atmosphere, not stuffy and a place that is consistently good. Open to all areas within a cab ride of downtown.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Have you been to APDC (Au Pied de Cochon) before? You should definetely try it... search this board for the reviews of this place.

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      I'd recommend Garde Manger in Old Montreal

    2. Maybe look into Decca 77... quiet, hip / urban atmosphere; good, well-priced and creative table d'hôte, nice wine selection and esthetically pleasing waiters :) It's downtown so you can walk to bars after.
      I've never been to Europea, but lots of folks here swear by it.

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        1. you could try Grange in old Montreal. I've heard pretty good things about the food and its definitely has a scene on the weekends.
          or also you could try dinner at Liverpool House on Notre Dame and then do drinks at Burgundy Lion across the street.
          I also second the recommendation for Garde Manger.

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            Thanks so much for the recs. I've also heard from some friends here that Garde Manger is the spot to try. Other suggestions included Le Locale and Vauvert, any opinions on these?

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              Le Locale is very good but service is so-so.. if you want to go there I'd recommend calling way in advance for a res as I think they fill up fast.
              I don't know anything about Vauvert.. sorry.

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                Plenty of boys looking to buy girls drinks at Vauvert, but dress skimpy because it is hot in there. I'd do Garde Manger (late seating) if you want to get up on your table and dance after eating. Grange is really nice, too, but seems quieter. You'd actually probably walk to Vauvert or Garde Manger after dinner at Grange.

          2. There's a tapas place on Mont-Royal just east of St Denis, called Nuevo. I've always liked the food, there's a DJ on saturday nights, full bar. Doesn't get too packed, but I've always had a good time and great food. Not pretentious at all.