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Apr 20, 2009 08:22 AM

brunch at East Coast Grill 4/19/09

Five of us who have enjoyed many dinners at the East Coast Grill had brunch there yesterday. It was very disappointing, and I am not sure whether the reason was an off day for the kitchen or declining quality.

First, the kitchen was overwhelmed. We had 11:00 AM reservations and didn't receive any food until after noon. Of course, the restaurant wanted us out the door by 1:00 to accomodate their later reservations.

Next, there was not a single dish that was very good. We tried the fish tacos, "Amilcar's Omelet", the Cuban Reuban, and the breakfast platter. The fish tacos were a scimpy portion of fish, the fish wasn't crisp, and it wasn't tasty. The Reuban had too much bread for the proportion of meat and cheese, and the omelet's flavors just didn't work together. The breakfast platter was the most successful dish, but my son said that it wasn't good enough to overcome the other negative aspects of the meal.

Last, the most of the food came out lukewarm at best, and we needed to send back some of the dishes to be rewarmed.

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  1. That's a bummer. I haven't been for a while, but last time I had brunch at ECG I enjoyed the duck rellenos and build-your-own bloody mary bar.

    Your experience sounds terrible. Wonder why it was so slammed?

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      I had brunch at ECG on 4/5 and it was great. Loved the bloody mary bar (though I didn't go to crazy with concoctions) and I had the black and blue tuna tacos which were fresh and delicious. I also had a guava lava glazed rib too. (I prefer the Xiao Jianming wetbone but I thought I'd try something different.) MR had I think the pork tostados and really enjoyed them. We were there around 11 too that sunday. It was full, but the service was fine. In fact, we had such I good time that I went back for dinner Friday 4/10

      We did not have a reservation so maybe our expectations were lower.

    2. Hopefully your bloody marys were good. I have been known to make some elaborate concoctions, only a few of which I regretted ....

      I have experienced so-so service in the dining room at bruinch, so we now always sit at the bar.

      The food has been good and consistant every time we've been recently. I often get the fish tacos and they are always crisp and well-seasoned.

      Maybe they were slammed because of Marathon visitors?

      1. I haven't been in a while, but my experience in general is that brunch is *way* better than their dinners. In fact, I pretty much never go there for dinner as I'm often disappointed, but I've always been really happy with brunch and usually really happy with their special events.

        1. Thanks for all of your feedback. I sent an email similar to this review to the email address listed on the East Coast Grill website, and Chris apologized, took responsibility, and offered to send me a check for the cost of the meal. He was most gracious, and I'll report back when I actually receive the check. The offer and the apology actually did the trick, and I hope to go back for another try.