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Mazzarino's Update - Very Soon!

I spoke with Mazzarino's owner Liz this morning. The latest news is that the restaurant should be reopening in about 3 1/2 weeks. There have been many delays due to construction and inspection issues, and she knows that "we've heard it all before", but we all know it will be worth the wait! I can hardly wait for the Eggplant Parm and Garlic Bread!

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  1. It is good thing Liz is in the restaurant business and not the fire recovery business, this has been a long recovery time.

    1. Great news! Unfortunately this isn't an unusual wait time, esp. if they had to wait for the insurance money. Little Toni's on Lankershim had a kitchen fire and it took them almost two years to reopen -- and they didn't even remodel!

      1. I've been going to Mazz's since I was 3 -- I just turned 40 last month!

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          I went to junior high (middle school) with Vito Mazzarino, son of the original owner. I've had to make my duplicate the marinara sauce in their absence. Love that place.

        2. Update: I called the restaurant Monday, June 22. There is a new message dated June 17 stating that the restaurant should be open in two weeks. Is it two weeks yet?

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            I guess we'll find out on July 1. I always liked Mazzarino's (especially the pizza) and I'm rooting for them to get started again, but the changing messages have been frustrating.

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              Welcome to working with insurance companies and the city of los angeles - a bad combination on a good day.
              Liz will welcome all if and when the day finally arrives.

          2. I'm also ready for this.The pizza is happening, and a nice neighborhood spot for me.

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            1. As of today, still no news.

              The recording is at (818) 788-5050.

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                This is turning out to be a situation similar to Leda's ... she closed down in October promising to be open at the beginning of the year, and here we are 8 months into it.

                Though, I would very much like Mazz to reopen, not so much Ledas.

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                  Don't think Leda will ever reopen.

                  1. re: carter

                    Agreed. I know many on here were fans, but it never did anything for me.

                    What I do wonder, though, is why that spot has not been taken over -- that has to be some high-rent property, and I cannot imagine why Ledette (sp?) would hold on to it if she's not going to reopen.

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                      I believe she is doing some catering and supplying cupcakes to selected restaurants. Of course her rent is probably much higher than the current market rate. That is why the Jazzve coffee place next door, and many other spaces nearby still remain vacant - landlords have not realized the new rent structures, but Ledette is still stuck with her old expensive lease and probably no one wants it at that price.
                      But I do agree with your assessment of the operation, but even more so, I can apply that to the whole cupcake fad.

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                        That was my thinking too, that she's stuck with a lease that is far more expensive than what the current market for that space would be. However, I cannot imagine her catering/supplier operation providing enough cash flow to cover the monthly nut on that, though I admit I could certainly be wrong ... I don't know, I sort of figured she might go the way of breaking the lease.

                        Regardless, I understand your feelings on the cupcake fad (though I do so love a perfect cupcake) and raise you Frozen Yogurt.

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                          We obviously come from the same training school. Seeing the congestion in front of the newish Menchie's on Ventura at Dixie Canyon amazes me. Yet the new Sweet Hearts in the same block as Leda's is also doing decent business, albeit with also selling gelati, etc.
                          But other yogurt places have to be hurting, somewhere.
                          But the pinkberrys have already seen major declines in volume - no lines in most of them.

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                            I know, Menchies is just down the block from us, and I've been once -- and that was only because other friends wanted to go. Apparently I'm just a Philistine, or something, because I do NOT get it. But it seems many others are happy and having fun, so good for them.

                            In fact, every time I drive/walk/ride by there it seems busy, especially towards the evening. I will say that it was a very savvy move to put it on the corner where two schools are (Dixie Canyon and the private St Francis) -- when school's out in the summer it'll still get busy just because of the heat, and when school's in session you know kids are going to be dragging/begging their parents for it.

                            As for Sweet Harts, my wife and I went in once to check it out, and let's just say I was really let down. The decor is cute and works for what it's trying to be, and I actually like the idea -- but when I asked they told me their cupcakes are from Sprinkles, the FroYo and Gelati are supplied by someone else, and the candy they have there is far from cool, niche and/or hard-to-find.

                            ... Sigh ...

                            I will say, should you have the hankering, I tried some Macarons from Pinup Pastries (right down Ventura across from McDonalds) and they were pretty good -- not earth-shattering Parisian greatness, but there's nowhere in LA that provides that either. I spoke with the proprietress and I knew we were on the same wavelength when she told me that, personally, she HATES fondant, though she will certainly do it on cakes.

                            They are closed Sundays and Mondays, but I am really looking forward to going back, as I think this has potential to be a gem.

              2. Count me in as another who hopes they reopen soon

                In the meantime, we can play the game: which will reopen first: Mazzarino's or Angels Flight?

                1. If this is to be believed, it's finally happened!


                  Mazzarino's Italian Restaurant
                  12920 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91423