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Apr 20, 2009 08:06 AM

Looking for good Thai in Baltimore

I'm looking for some good places to go for Thai food this week in Baltimore. I've been to Lemongrass before, good food, but haven't been in awhile. Any opinions of Lemongrass or suggestions for other places to try? Thanks!

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  1. I like Thai Arroy in Federal Hill plus it's BYOB!

    1. I have not been to the Baltimore stalwarts ins ome time (Thai Landing, BanThai (Charles Street), Thai Restaurant (Greenmount @ 33rd). But I did have dinner about six months ago at Little Spice, in Hanover near BWI and it was excellent. Homemade (Thai flavors) ice cream too.

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        This has been talked about before. I think Thai Heaven in Catonsville is well above average. Their soups are great. Similar, but not Thai, is Mekong Delta Cafe, a new place downtown. A fair bit has been posted about MDC, but it is exceptional.

        1. re: baltymoron

          Over the last year I have found Thai Heaven to take a downturn. I find they have dumbed down their flavors. When I bring this to their attention, they give me a blank stare. Now I take people there who "don't really like Thai food" and they are happy to get good "Chinese food." Something about that makes me want to cry.

      2. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fare at My Thai, where Minato used to be, under the Donna's in Mt. Vernon: