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Apr 20, 2009 07:04 AM

Chicken fried chicken - Tampa Bay area?

Hi - I am from Germany and this is the first time I am posting a board topic.

I will spent some time in the Tampa Bay area mid May...(get some some golfing in)... :-)

I need your help - does anyone know where I can get a decent chicken fried chicken in the Tampa Bay area? I did a Google search and got nothing back.

I just love the food - it is not hard to find in Texas but as of today, I had no luck in SW Florida. Just a regular Chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and some greens or corn would be great.

I had it ones at a Applebee's in Orlando - but not all Applebee's do carry the same menu. Every recommendation for 'Home-style-cooking' in Clearwater, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, is highly appreciated.

Also, every other recommendation in regards to fish and ribs restaturants in this area would be great and helpful

Thank you - best regards out of Munich/Germany!

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  1. I actually like the fried chicken from Busch Garden's Colonial House. Yummy! If you want a twist on home-style cooking there is Savannah's in St. Petersburg - I also like Bailey's in S. Tampa but they are only open Wed-Friday nights and I would recommend calling for reservations.

    Savannah's Cafe
    1113 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

    Bailey's Catering & Restaurant
    815 S Rome Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

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    1. re: dmfnole

      @dmfnole - thanks....but I can't find directions to Busch Garden's Colonial House - is it inside the Busch Garden Park? Any help is appreciated.

      1. re: GB818

        Yes it is inside the park, near where the Clydesdale horses are located

    2. Cracker Barrel (another chain) has six locations in Tampa and they definitely do chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies.

      (Also Chicken Fried Steak.)

      1. With out a doubt the best fried chicken is at Maryland's fried chicken which is located in Plant City. For the best ribs and BBQ my rec is 1rst choice BBQ in Brandon.

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        1. re: Bayareafoodiei

          Am VERY glad to see you mention Maryland Fried Chicken and 1st choice BBQ... those are my top two sources of comfort food! I grew up in Tampa and now will drive from Pinellas county on occasion to get my fix.

        2. Heilman's Beachcomber on Clearwater Beach does a wonderful old fashioned family style fried chicken dinner.

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          1. re: meatn3

            Does Heilman's do the chicken dinner every night? And what about PoFolks down in St Pete? Does anyone go there?

            1. re: DesignPro

              I believe they do, the on-line menu seems to agree. However, I have not been there in a while. I am not a PoFolks fan. Southern food treated as a side show done by Sysco is how I remember it...

          2. I highly recommend the Chattaway in St. Petersburg. It's best known for great hamburgers, but their fried chicken may be better. I agree with others, Busch Gardens and Heilman's in Clearwater are great choices. Not sure the Chattaway has mashed potatoes, and I know they don't have greens. Maybe Atwater's in St. Petersburg, a soul food institution.

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            1. re: Bergerman

              Good to see you back posting, Bergerman. Have not seen here for a while.


              1. re: RibDog

                Hey, RibDog, you're right it's been a while. The economy's turned me into a penny pincher, and reading posts I about restaurants wasn't fun. But it's time to get back at it. Speaking of which, I believe we were both big fans of the late great Palios friend chicken in Tampa. Sadly nothing's replaced it in my mind. I paused before posting on this thread because I wasn't sure what our German friend here meant by chicken friend chicken. Could be a translation thing, but I wondered if they might be looking for something closer to chicken fried steak.

                1. re: Bergerman

                  I agree. I was spoiled by Palios and nothing has ever been the same. If it was still around, I would get Guy Fieri to visit for his DD&D show. Then again, maybe I wouldn't because we probably could not get in if he did. LOL

                  Good to see you back.

                  1. re: Bergerman

                    That was my assumption, Bergerman. Chicken Fried Chicken as in Breast of Chicken cooked like Chicken Fried Steak and served with country gravy and veg.

                    And thanks to this thread, I HAD to go and have some this evening. :)
                    The sacrifices we make... :P

                    1. re: mcsheridan

                      mcsheridan, where'd you get it? Because I haven't a clue where you would go for that in the St. Pete area but would love to know!

                      1. re: Bergerman

                        I had mine in NJ...but Cracker Barrel's in St. Pete @ 2151 54th Ave North

                        As this chain is NOT a franchise, but corporate-owned...consistency rules.

                    2. re: Bergerman

                      Palios will be missed for a long time. Institutions like that, the Seabreeze, and the Old Meeting House simply aren't replaceable. It gives me the blues to think about it, but at least we know what we're missing.

                      Now I'm jonesing, too.