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Apr 20, 2009 06:52 AM

MIA to DC!

Where to dine and drink!?
Hello DC! My husband and I will be heading your way this June for his bday-Thu to Sunday (long weekend!)
So...I am looking for whats in now, what has always been in (staples), when it comes to Dining and Drinking! If you know what is best by day of week even better! We are in our late 20's so not looking to mingle with kids nor college, but with late 20's /30's crowd. We also love fine dining and are also able to roll our sleeves up and chow some good ol' food. We love lounges more than clubs and thats why I believe getting bar/lounge small plates suggestions here is called for! We are also already planning to vist BLT....Please let me know whats best for both to go party it out in style yet get a good:
1. brunch/lunch
2. dinner
3. after dinner experience...
Thank you!

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  1. best wine and food in the city at proof in chinatown, a must-visit and in the perfect crowd you described. it does get a little loud and crowded at times but in my opinion is totally worth it. go to coco sala after dinner for dessert. sonoma in capitol hill also for great wine and food. downtown, oval room and olives both always have amazing food but are quieter and maybe not as "hip". new asian restaurant Sei is getting rave reviews but i haven't been there so can't speak for it but is definitely worth investigating.

    1. 1. Brunch- Bistro Bis by the capital and union station, great French restaurant that has really good brunch. Perhaps go to the Eastern Market to Market Lunch for a crabcake. Creme is good for Southern brunch.

      2. Dinner- I second Proof for dinner or after dinner, for small plates and a hoping bar with the crowd you are looking for I highly recommend Zaytinya. I haven't been to Bodega in Georgetown, but that area is very busy at night, and they are getting good reviews for their small plates. Central also has great food and a great bar. I think Corduroy is really good, and something a little different from many of the places we have gone in Miami, not small plates though. I think Blue Duck Tavern is also good if you like roast meat and is something very different from anything in Miami.

      3. After dinner experience: The Round Robin is a fun very old school DC type bar with very good drinks, they are known for their mint juleps. For a hipper crowd PS7, Oya and Proof would be good choices. You might want to try to get into PX, it is a speakeasy in Old Town Alexandria with the area's best bartender. It isn't a huge space, but it is a lot of fun and the drinks are fantastic. If you go to Alexandria consider eating at Restaurant Eve (high-end american/french, Vermillion (italian) or Hank's Oyster Bar (casual seafood) there is one in DC I love their brunch too. In the summer it is often the rooftop bars that draw the biggest crowds. The waterfront in Georgetown isn't a great place to eat, but draws huge crowds on nice evenings. Cork is hard to get into, but very popular, as well.