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Apr 20, 2009 06:48 AM

Place for baby shower near Annapolis?

I'm looking for suggestions of a restaurant to have a small, family baby shower (about a dozen guests) near Annapolis in the next couple of weeks. Would prefer somewhere that is somewhat open/airy atmosphere. Definitely doesn't have to be right downtown. I live closer to DC but the mom-to-be is closer to Annapolis, and I'm not as familar with the venues out that way. Thanks!

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  1. Is this for an afternoon or evening -- weekday or weekend?

    I recommend Les Folies brasserie on Riva Road, in the west side of the Annapolis area (Parole). Easy parking and access from Route 50, nice atmosphere inside, and decent French cuisine. They have an alcove in the dining room which could easily handle your size.

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      Thanks for the suggestion; it would be a weekend afternoon.