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Apr 20, 2009 06:02 AM

Ideas for a sweet 16 party?

Any fun venues in the Rye/Port Chester/Greenwich area (a little flexibility in geography is ok)?
We'd like a fun spot for girls with maybe some music and/or dancing.
Many parents are hiring party buses and heading into NYC, but I'd prefer to stay local if possible.
Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. "Fun" is so subjective, eatermom, what does eatergirl like to do? Does she like funky or elegant? Is she a vegetarian? How much do mom and dad want to spend?

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    1. re: lucyis

      Well, it's eatermom's daughter. For 16 year old girls, I think funky would be the way to go. I think a flexible menu would work so that any girls who don't like meat can have options, but a brazilian bbq could be fun too. Just looking for a place the girls wouldn't go on a normal Saturday with their parents, but a little more fun. They went to Buddakan and Mangia e Bevi in the city and they liked Mangia better because they could dance on the chairs. Without the limo, price is less of an object. Thanks for any ideas.

    2. I always thought that the Capitol Theater in Port Chester looked like an interesting and fun venue, however, it is large and I don't know how many girls you are hosting. I also have not been to any events there, I am just compiling a list of interesting places to keep in mind when I start planning my son's barmitzvah in a couple of years.

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      1. re: rolise

        Thanks -- much smaller than that. Maybe 20 girls. I saw that Myrna's in Greenwich has belly dancing and offers lessons. That could be fun. Looking for something like that where the girls are not the only people there. Capitol sounds fun for a bar mitzvah.

      2. I've never been but I think Prophecy in White Plains has music and dancing. Can anyone confirm if it is a good place for 16 year olds?

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        1. re: debmom

          My daughter recently attended a huge sweet 16 party there. The kids had a good time.

          1. re: spa

            Look at Peniche in White Plains. They have a party planner there with some great ideas.

        2. I will look at those 2 but, still trying to stay further east than White Plains if possible. Thanks for any ideas.