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Apr 20, 2009 05:18 AM

Cambridge Lunch

I am having lunch in Cambridge with an old college friend this week. I have researched this board and come up with Mulan and Dante. Should parking be sufficient at either of these two, and are we at risk of being rushed out of Mulan as I have been at many Chinese restaurants? We have a lot to talk about. Thanks.

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  1. I have never felt rushed at Mulan, where there are a few parking spaces right in front in their small lot. Call Dante to see if they'll validate your parking in the hotel garage.

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      Also - bring quarters, as an alternative, for the meters on Broadway. Nearby alternatives, if by chance there's no parking: Atasca or other Portuguese, or perhaps Oleana? (More high end, and I don't know abt lunch there...)

    2. Upstairs on the square has an excellent lunch. The food is always delicious and very well made. It's a cool place that feels funky and hip. It's very Harvard Square.

      1. The staff won't rush you at Mulan, but depending on what time/day you go there may be a long line of people waiting for which case you might feel 'social pressure' to speed up your lunch. Thurs and Fridays are the worst.