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Apr 20, 2009 04:52 AM

Anyone know of any truly good Mexican food in the GTA ?

We have been disappointed what we have been found so far........

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  1. The most authentic place I've found is Dos Amigos on Bathurst near Dupont. Has the usual tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. but also a lot of other more substantial main dishes like chicken in a mexican chocolate mole. Haven't been there in awhile so take this recommendation with a grain of salt

    1. This comes up every few months, with the same restaurants and arguments posted in reply ("there is no good mexican in Toronto" and "restaurant X is not as authentic as restaurant Y" being the recurring themes).

      Here's a very long and detailed thread on Mexican food. Some of it is a few years old, but there are recent responses near the bottom and most places mentioned are still around:

      For my money, Rebozos on Rogers Rd. was the tastiest, most interesting and affordable Mexican food I've had in Toronto.

      1. Have you tried El Rincon Mexicano? I am not an expert in Mexican food but El Rincon Mexicano seems authentic and the food is great. Also, they have such a cute and charming back patio! That being said, I find them to be a bit pricy for what it is.

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          Have to agree about El Rincon. Family run, as authentic as you'll find; no taco bell tex-mex here. They do plenty of milder items (as in, for the kids), but if you request hot, they really mean business!

        2. 34 posts came up recently on this same question -- here: