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Apr 20, 2009 04:36 AM

Outdoor dining in the burbs - Montco or Mainline?

We are getting together with friends for dinner next weekend and since its going to be gorgeous out we thought we'd try a place with outdoor seating. We are flexible on cuisine, looking for a low/moderate price, BYO preferred (but not necessary), and no giant crowds. We are in Ambler, or friends are on the Mainline so anywhere between us is fine. We want to avoid center city, because of traffic, parking, etc., but are willing to drive a bit. Thanks!

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  1. A great setting is the biergarten at Otto's on 611. Good beer selection. Unfortunately the food is mediocre... A good place to grab a drink and go somewhere else.

    Alison's at Bluebell has outdoor seating and a new menu with an italian emphasis. It is BYO, but with a $7 corkage fee and cash or check only. Not sure if it falls into your moderate price category.

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      Alison at Blue Bell has a liquor license, beer and wine only. They ALLOW BYOB for a $7 corkage

    2. What about The Blue Bell Inn?

      1. Places with outdoor seating that I can think of:
        (call first as the outdoor areas may not be set up yet)

        Brasserie 73 (Skippack, not BYOB)
        Zacharias Creekside (Worcester, BYOB)
        Parc Bistro (Skippack, not BYOB)
        Restaurant Rosalie (Cedars, BYOB)
        333 Belrose (Radnor, not BYOB)
        Shundeez (Chestnut Hill, BYOB)

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          I am a huge fan of 333 Belrose. They have awesome food and the outdoor patio is open this time of year. The owners and chef of Belrose also just opened Firecreek out in Downingtown. I heard they have outdoor seating for 80-100 people and it is right on the Brandywine creek. I have not been there yet but I want to give it a try soon.

          Another idea - I am thinking of hitting Coyote Crossing in Conshy this weekend. They have a great outdoor patio. I know it is pricey with the $10 margaritas, etc. but I have a $100 gift card that only cost $50 so it will be worth it!

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            Hotel Fiesole in Skippack also has outdoor dining, and the food and service are always good.

          2. I have always loved the outdoor space at 333 Belrose, although I'm not sure if I know their current menu and obviously they're not BYO. And they can get crowded - as much a bar scene as it is a restaurant.

            I also recommend the Spring Mill Cafe. Even at full capacity, it doesn't feel crowded (or loud, like 333 gets); it's BYO; the food is good; and it's a really pretty, intimate space. Not a "scene" at all. It's also the perfect geographic compromise between Ambler & the Main Line!


            Spring Mill Cafe
            164 Barren Hill Rd, Conshohocken, PA 19428

            1. So where did you wind up going? The outdoor patio at Coyote Crossing was nice saturday and the ritas, guac and seabass were excellent. Although it wasn't as nice out today, I loved the 333 Belrose patio for lunch.

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                Our friends were in the mood for Tamarindos, which is a mexican restaurant near our house (no outdoors though) so we had drinks and appetizers on my porch so we could enjoy the weather and then went to the restaurant for a late dinner, then to Cafe Maida for dessert (they have a few sidewalk tables).

                So, I'll have to use these great suggestions another time!