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BAD dinner @ A Cote

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Wow! What a fall from grace this place has had. I took someone to dinner here after not being here for about 2 years I think. It was really bad. We shared the frites which were cold. I had skirt steak which was well done and really did not have much taste. She had quail which she liked. The crowd was low keyed and the whole experience just really was flat. I may have missed the slide as I remember this place as very good and very lively. This was my second choice as Pizzaiolo was closed on SUndays. I do not think I will go back ever again.

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  1. Wow. They're open seven days, I wonder if Sunday night the "B" team is in the kitchen? Cold fries or overcooked steak should be sent back.

    We were there on Friday with a group of five and had a great meal. Excellent Manhattans, best mussels I've had anywhere, fries good enough we ordered a second batch, great skirt steak served medium-rare as ordered, nice cheese plate, fabulous wines. The place was hopping when we arrived around 10, though we only had to wait a few minutes for a table.

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      A Cote
      5478 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

      1. I was there late on a Friday last month and everything was good, as usual. My fish, in particular, was very nice.

        1. My husband and I were there last Monday and service and atmosphere were excellent. The server helped with timing as we were going to Leonard Cohen (as were a few other tables). The only thing I was not fond of was the butterscotch tart, too much dough not enough filling for me. But everything else was excellent from the olives to the wine to the paella. We would certainly return.

          1. I ate at the bar 2 sundays ago and had a great meal. I thought the fries were creamy and crisp. I, for one, will be back, especially when I drive back from the city on sunday evenings. This is my go to spot on the way home.

            1. I know a lot of folks are really fond of A Cote, but I went there last fall on a weeknight (Weds or Thurs I think) and ordered EVERYTHING on the menu. Even got in a few cocktails.

              I wasn't impressed... it was neither good nor bad... just a very medium dining experience. Maybe it's just not the food for me, but for the price I feel like there are many other tastier options around.

              One of my dining companions who really likes A Cote said "It wasn't their strongest menu" . . . but if nothing on the menu was standout, then who's fault is that?

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                To me, the food's made to pair with wine. If I wasn't in the mood to drink wine, I'd go someplace else.

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                  On the previously mentioned foray to A Cote, we ordered 2-3 bottles. The wines were reasonable in price and I liked one of them.

              2. Based on a visit to A Cote about 2 months ago, I agree that it should have been removed from Bauer's top 100. 5 mediocre dishes, though we didn't go for their mussels that evening. Nothing memorable out of the 5 and clearly seemed like a place resting on their laurels. Good but not top 100.