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Restaurants with large private party room? [MSP]

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  • Enso Apr 20, 2009 03:04 AM
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This would be for a 100+, and it would be full-day event. I'm dubious such an event could be held at a restaurant venue, but a trusted friend suggested it, so I figured this was the best place to get a sense of the do-ability.

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  1. In what city?

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    1. re: Fritter

      oops! Mpls

      1. re: Enso

        Solera in Minneapolis has an entire second floor devoted to event space. They could handle your group for a day.

    2. How about Ngon Bistro? (scroll to the last line about private parties up to 100 people).



      1. Jax Cafe is a great place to host this event. They have large banquet rooms upstairs and eating and renting is pretty affordable compared to most joints around the Twin Cities.


        ps, I used to do catering there and they are great about accommodating your needs.