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Apr 20, 2009 02:02 AM

Child friendly restaurants?

I'm looking for a child friendly restaurants from Manhattan where I could have dinner with my 1-year old baby-girl :)

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    1. Dining out with Toddler but don't want to compromise on food quality...

      dining suggestions with six-year-old

      Downtown Dinner for Five with Baby

      Dinner with a Baby

      Do you have any more specifics? Neighborhood? Cuisine? Stroller? Need high chair? Just the two of you or more people?

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        Thank you for answering and sorry for my poor english.
        First we are staying at 55 Church Street for few days and after that One Central Park West (I guess that is the address). Yes, we have a stroller and we need high chair :) Good point! Two adults and one child (cuisine doesn't matter) Thanks again for the help :)

        1. re: Katarina81

          I swear I wouldn't make either of these non-chowish suggestions normally, but--if the weather is nice while you're staying down on Church Street, you might want to consider either Gigino's or Battery Gardens, two restaurants in Battery Park. for lunch (I know you said dinner) or an early dinner. The food at both is not better than "ok" (to worse, sometimes, at Battery Gardens), but both of them have really beautiful fenced outdoor seating overlooking New York harbor, and I just imagine that it could be a nice experience for you to enjoy a leisurely dinner looking out over the water with lots of action around (not just other restaurant patrons) to keep your daughter visually interested. I'm generally not a huge fan of the evening dining scene around there in the financial district, but hopefully you're willing to travel a bit?

          For country-style French, I like La Lunchonette on 10th Ave. & 18th. In the West Village, I love Perilla--it has a nice comfortable neighborhood vibe, but with interesting, delicious food. It's almost too kid-friendly, but once you're up on Central Park West, if you are in the market for brunch, you could definitely do worse than Sarabeth's or Popover's on Amsterdam--it's definitely not fine dining, but it's fun with kids, there are stuffed animals, and a basket of popovers with strawberry butter is one of my favorite things in the world.

          How is your daughter with noise? If she'd be ok with loud music, Hill Country (26th b/w 5th and 6th) could be fun, and the bbq, to me, is some of the best in the city. For a slightly quieter (though not quiet) room, and a different type of bbq altogether (think saucy--opinions differ on this place on this board, but I think the burnt ends and beans are delicious), RUB (west of Union Square) is fun.

          For a bit more upscale, I hear Landmarc is pretty child-friendly and has its fans around here...

          1. re: planetjess

            Oh, thank you so much for the tips! So much nice restaurants, so little time :(

            1. re: planetjess

              Landmarc is VERY baby-friendly.