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Apr 20, 2009 12:16 AM

Lumiere or West for milestone birthday dinner

My husband and I will be in Vancouver just one night (we'll be arriving in the morning, actually) before heading to Tofino for five days and would like to have a memorable, blowout dinner in celebration of my 30th bday. I've narrowed it down to Lumiere or West--which one would you recommend? Or is there something else I'm overlooking? (Unfortunately Blue Water is too seafood-centric for my husband).

Thanks! Also, any food recommendations for Tofino would be more than welcome. Sebo is on my list and we'll be there during the Tofino Food & Wine Festival.

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  1. I've yet to try the new Lumiere but I just went to West several days ago and I had a great time. Overall, the service was seamless and the food was really good. Not every dish blew me away but I appreciate how they try to use local and organic ingredients. Their pastry chef is a star. That was probably the favorite part of my meal.

    Of course, the experience is much more than just the food. The setting is modern yet comfortable. It's quite brightly lit when I was there so I'm not sure if that's a factor for you. It wasn't very busy when I was there (Thurs night) and about 1/2 the tables were seated throughout the time I was there.

    Here are 3 photos (size limit on here) or you can follow this link to view the entire set and the descriptions in the gallery. Good luck with the decision :)

    1. Either would be fine for a very special dinner. Know that Lumiere is now part of the Daniel Boulud empire.

      When you were narrowing down your choices, what other restaurants where in the running? Did you consider places like Fuel, La Buca, Cioppino's, Bishops, Cibo, Diva, Voya, Market, etc?

      1. We were just at Lumiere 3 weeks ago. Had the chef's tasting menu and wine pairing. It was one of the best meals I've ever had in my life but also the most expensive ($600 after tip for 2 tasting menus and 1 wine pairing). One great thing is they give you and your dining partner different courses so we would just eat half and switch plates. We calculated we got to eat 20 courses each and 10 wines. I'd for sure recommend the wine pairing.

        We went to West last June. It was very good but we also went to Gastropod, Metro, and Aurora bistro that week and West was our least favorite.

        If you don't want to do a tasting menu then I'd say either choice is great but if you are in for that kind of menu I'd definitely pick Lumiere over West. Lumiere also has a 3 course and 6 course tasting menu for cheaper.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. I think we've decided now on a different slant for our day in Vancouver. I'll be re-posting.

          1. Interested to know if anyone has any recent feedback now that a year has passed?
            Would the recommendation still be Lumiere over West?

            2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

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              my personal preference in the past year would be Lumiere over West both in service and food.

              2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

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                Was at Lumiere for their "Wine Dinner series" a few weeks ago - best meal I've ever had in Vancouver. In the running for best meal ever.

                Was at West in the fall and was dissapointed. Not that anything was horrible (bartender was top notch, service impeccable, quality of indgredients great), it was just...simple. No real imagination on display there.

                Lumiere, every bite was wow! Very interesting flavour/texture/colour combinations with everything working. Excellent wine pairings (it was South of France night) and great value ($95 including wine for five courses). Not sure if you will be lucky enough to be here on the last Monday in August...but I think they are still running some other deals as well.

                Happy birthday!

                2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA