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Apr 19, 2009 11:44 PM

Anything new/interesting in Oakland/Berkeley...preferably open fairly late?

I'm headed for Oakland airport Sat. night .....husband will be in Oakland for work and is meeting me there; then we're spending Sunday in Berkeley (I have a meeting there...) and Monday visiting my dad in Sonoma.

I'm letting my dad and stepmom plan the Sonoma eats (including dinner Sunday night) but I'm looking for suggestions for Sat. night. The plane lands around 7:30 or 8, but I have to allow for the possibility of a delayed flight.....So I'm trying to think of someplace good to eat, but in keeping with DH's requirements, it should be casual (hubby won't have had a chance to clean up after work, and his work can get a little dirty....), not requiring reservations, open until at least 10, and inexpensive. Somewhere near the I80 corrider (our hotel is the DoubleTree at the Marina, since I have to be there very early Sunday am for the meeting.....) would be nice.....

Any thoughts? Any ethnic is fine....

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  1. Off Gilman and I-80 and open late, and accessible by surface streets from the Double Tree, are Picate, Pyramid and T-Rex.

    Picate is a Berkeley-fied taqueria, nice, pleasant, inexpensive big enough menu. Pyramid is a brew pud, food is okay with safe picks, in-between inexpensive and moderate. T-Rex is moderately priced but not expensive, Californicated bar-b-q. I'd look for reviews in the links.

    T-Rex Barbeque
    1300 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

    1328 6th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

    Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse
    901 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA

    1. Not just off of I-80, but fitting the bill in every other way:


      Open until midnight on Saturdays, with free goodies from 10:30 PM.

      4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

      1. See if Corso in Berkeley is open that late. If it is, get the hoffman chicken sauteed in pulugia butter...divine!

        PS While I really want to love Adesso(it is my 'hood) I was pretty underwhelmed. If you do go, I recommend the platter ofproscuitto and some baratta. Most things in the "free hour" were pretty unsatisfying.

        1. I'd stop at Gold Medal in Oakland Chinatown or Daimo in Richmond (a few miles north of hotel)

          1. Since you know the area, a little further up is Mint Leaf next to Chez Panisse in Epicurious Garden. They are open till midnight. It is organic Indian, so don't know how that would work for you, personally I'd be interested in what you thought. I haven't been yet though. Here's the Place record which has a link to an East Bay Express review.

            Not sure if Turkish Kitchen is new to you. It is next to McDonalds on the corner of University and Shattuck

            Not new, but if you get in really late, right up University or hugging it, Lanesplitter Pizza, Au Coquelet, Monte Cristo Taqueria

            I forgot if you like chocolate, but if your meetings get out early on Sunday, Chocolatier Blue on University might be worth a stop. They are open till 6 on Sunday