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Apr 19, 2009 10:42 PM

Best Butcher and Fish Monger Downtown (Van)

What is your favorite butcher shop and fish market located Downtown?

As much as I love Granville Island, I don't always want to cross the bridge or take the little ferries (which I feel is a rip off...)

Excited to hear your opinions!

Love, Mel

p.s. I've searched, I promise! Is there a thread I missed?

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  1. I don't usually shop for food in the downtown area except for occasional forays into Costco (for bulk meats) and T&T (for meat and seafood). Urban Fare has a good but pricey butcher and seafood, IIRC.

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    1. re: fmed

      I feel so stuck downtown. I want to find something within walkabout distance from Nelson and Burrard.

      Urban Fare is such a silly place. I don't feel their quality is much better than say Safeway or IGA :|

      Has anyone been to the butcher at Le Magasin?

      1. re: smel

        I have, though it has been in quite a while. It's pricey, but good (albiet limited in stock). I don't know if they are still doing their in-house charcuterie.

        Urban Fare's standard stuff is the same as Save-On-Foods (they are affiliated)....but they do have some more unusual items (rabbit, goose, etc.) that those other stores don't.

        I can't help much. I shop in the East Side. If you want recs there, I'm more than happy to oblige. I know at least four excellent butchers in this area.

    2. There's always Tangos meats on Denman - I don't get down that way much so I can't speak from personal experience but I hear it's quite good. There also used to be a fish monger in the Robson Public Market that was pretty reliable, though I don't know if it's still there. The downtown penninsula is sorely lacking good provisioners - Being from Europe, I find that very strange for a major urban centre - just another reason why it irks me to hear "Vancouver is a world class city" - it has a long way yet to go!

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      1. re: hrhsheba

        I'll check out Tango meats.

        I went into the Robson Public Market and the fish looked kind of sad :( They have a butcher there too but I'm worried about turn-over because there rarely seems to be people shopping there.

        Thanks for taking time to write, fmed. I'm fine with other places around town but feel like I'm out of options if I don't want to leave downtown. I usually do because I feel like I have to but when I'm lazy, I wish there was something decent close by.

        1. re: smel

          No worries smel. Yes...downtown is a bit of a dead zone for decent food shopping....unless you count Urban Fare, Choices, and the like.

      2. Went to Le Magasin the other day. The fridges were empty. "Do you have... meat?" I asked. The guy behind the counter sheepishly answered, "we usually do... but" and mumbled something about the owner not ordering any.

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        1. re: smel

          There was a change in management a number of months back. The person in charge of making the housemade charcuterie, etc. left to run the kitchen at another restaurant.