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Apr 19, 2009 10:11 PM

Calgary Safeways

I wanted to buy some chicken breasts tonight at around 7PM (I eat dinner a little late). I tried THREE Safeways and all of them were either close to or completely out of chicken:
Garrison Woods - had one pack of legs and a few whole broiler chickens
RIchmond Rd & 37th - a few mega-packs of 10 breasts
Westhills - no chicken at all!
To top it off, none of them had anyone staffing the meat counter, so I couldn't ask for some chicken from the back of the store, even if they had any.

Was there a run on chicken this week, or is Safeway just generally have serious problems? Am I stupid to be shopping "late" on a Sunday? And what is with the disgusting fishy smell radiating from the Garrison and Richmond/37th Safeway seafood counters?

In the end, I went to the Co-op downtown and they were fully stocked, and fully staffed.

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  1. i don't know, but there have been days when i've went to co-op, superstore, and safeway to get chicken, and they all either had none or they looked gross.

    their chickens all come from different companies (e.g. co-op is maple leaf, safeway is lilydale, etc.). at co-op, they said there was a strike or something at the plant.

    but yea, it seems that everytime we are gonna make a nice dinner, we have to go to 2 or 3 stores to get all of the ingredients, cause we can't find a store that always has everything we need haha.

    but the sobey's by our place always seems to have what we need, and it's fresher.

    1. I ran into an acquaintance at another grocery store...he works at Safeway...I was wondering why he didn't shop at his own store. He told me would NEVER buy groceries for his family at Safeway. What does that tell you?

      I heard some rumblings that a Whole Foods Market was looking at opening a store in Calgary. I suggest everyone go on their website and encourage them to do so.

      Here's the link, go to Contact us via Email (under Choose Topic:) Store Location Request.

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      1. re: Ice712

        I agree we definately could use one in the Loop

      2. Strange. We get some chicken parts from Costco and they've had plenty of Lillydale chicken this week. We usually buy whole local chickens from Amaranth and they had quite a few too.

        Forget about Whole Foods, I want a Trader Joe's here and I want it now! :o)

        1. that's happened to me before as well. that's why i always buy meat at co-op downtown or sunterra. i've heard lots of rumblings from safeway staff about not shopping there as well.

          1. The Garrison Safeway is my go-to... I also ran into a chicken shortage on Wednesday last week (April 15th).

            I made the mistake of going to the Midtown Co-Op on Sunday for a few items... it'll be difficult going to the Garrison Safeway again...