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Best Seattle vegetarian

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Would love some thoughts on best veggie-friendly dining (no shellfish, either). I'm coming later this week and am looking for a mix of everyday food and a few "special-occasion" meals.

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  1. Cafe Flora in Madison Park area. Carmelita in the Greenwood/Phinney area. These are my top two choices. Most Seattle restaurants have vegetarian options.

    Here's my favorite local vegetarian blog: http://herbivoracious.com/ It includes restaurant reviews.

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      Cafe Flora hands down. They just completed a beautiful interior remodel as well.

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        I'd say Carmelita hands down over Flora. I like that Flora uses local ingredients, and it's creative, but the food never sits right with me there. Everything I've ever had at Carmelita has been really delicious.

        Almost everywhere in town has good vegetarian options.


      2. squid and ink (georgetown)
        pan africa (pike place market)
        vegie bistro (6th/king)
        moonlight cafe (19th/jackson - special vegie menu)
        chiang's gourmet (lake city way - special vegie menu)
        chaco canyon (u district)
        than brothers (vegan pho on broadway and on the ave)

        1. Palace Kitchen offers 2-3 vegerian menu options and even though it's a restaurant known for the apple-wood grilled meats, I frequently order the veggie options and they're always out-of-this-world fantastic. It makes for a great option if you're dining with a carnivore.

          1. Farestart for lunch. They have several veggie options and their veggie rueben is my favorite sandwich in the city. Downtown at 7th and Virginia. www.farestart.org

            1. I finally had the opportunity to try Sutra in Wallingford this evening and was pleasantly surprised. It was so yummy and they use fresh local organic produce.

              Sutra is only open four days a week - Wed and Thurs (Seating 1 is at 630pm) AND Fri and Sat (Seating 1 is at 630pm and 2 is at 9pm). It's a preset 4-course menu (drinks are extra). http://www.sutraseattle.com/

              1. Panos Kleftiko on 5th North, near the Seattle Center. Great Greek vegetarian appetizers--pages and pages of appetizers. Make a meal of appetizers and very good pita.

                1. I'll put another vote in for Cafe Flora. We had a great brunch there on Sunday. The Biscuits and Gravy were out of this world and my wife had a tasty Spinach Pesto Scramble. The dinner menu looked good as well.

                  1. In The Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Bistro on Capitol Hill.


                    1. I would also vote for Cafe Flora. Camelita has a great atmosphere, but I find their food to be on the bland side.

                      Calamity Jane in Georgetown has several great veg entrees if you're looking for a more causal place.

                      And while I love the room, the last few times I've been to Palace Kitchen there's been a single veg pasta entree on their meat heavy (IMHO) menu. Their goat cheese fondue app is amazing though.