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Apr 19, 2009 09:29 PM

Transplanted Texans...Ayudame!

So, through a luggage foulup, I've left at SATX some cooking supplies that were vital to some Tejano meals and brisket I'm planning on hosting for a passel of New York friends. Any ideas on how and where to find the following? (Be gentle, since, while no stranger to New York, I've done no serious shopping for these products.)

-Wood chips, of the type you can buy at HEB, Both fruit wood (cherry and apple) and hardwood (mesquite, etc.)
-Achiote paste, preferably in cubes
-Mexene Chili Powder (if you've been to Terlingua, you'll know this as vital for at least one of the spice dumps)
-Good guajillo and ancho chiles.

Thanks for the help. Hook 'em Horns.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Woodchips: Gracious Home has the best selection and price, though you have to special order since the items are seasonal and not typically stocked before May. It will take a day for your order to arrive.
      Achiote paste: Tulcingo del Valle has some on the shelves, though I don't know how fresh it is. You can buy achiote seeds at many grocers and make your own paste.
      Guajillo and Ancho chilies: These are pretty widely available, but usually are prepackaged. I prefer to buy them loose at Manhattan Fruit Exchange in the Chelsea Market.
      Tripas: The honeycomb variety is usually available in most stores, from Western Beef to the Met to Fairway. The smooth variety is somewhat harder to find, though you could likely order some from Ottomanelli.

      1. Saw some tripe Saturday at Essex St Market (Essex nr Delancey). They have cabrito usually too, and you might find some of your peppers and other spices there. Could also try Zaragoza grocery on Ave A (just below 14th) for peppers (dried only) and spices though its tiny and they don't always keep it very well stocked.