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Apr 19, 2009 08:59 PM

Ethnic food - Israel


Going to Israel for 2 weeks, all the usual tourist spots (Jerusalem for 7 nights, Tel Aviv for 2 nights, Haifa for 2-3 nights, Eilat for 2 nights, Petra for 1 night). We are budget-minded but absolutely willing to spend more for a good meal. We eat anything.

I'm guessing there is a fair amount of Ethiopian and Russian/Eastern European food in Israel? Any specific recommendations? Any other cuisines well-represented? We might need a break from the usual Middle Eastern fare.


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  1. Hello! Hopefully you're still around to receive this email Ok: in the old city, the American Colony hotel has regular food re: sandwiches, steak, shrimp with a mediterranian flare. The sandwich was pretty much the only semi-western sandwich I found the whole time. The Legacy hotel (kinda snobby) has good food too. It's up the street from the American Consulate. Another restaurant is between the muslim quarter and the Christian quarter called Abu Shukri. It had the best lamb that I have eaten. Beautiful the beaten path.

    In Tel Aviv, the best place ever is an italian-meditteranian restaurant called Boccaccio. It's on Hayarkon across the street from the Dan Tel Aviv near the boardwalk and the has extremely fresh pasta. I hd the fettuccini marinara (a creamy rose sauce) with seafood. The chocolate almond cake was literally the best cake my husband and I have ever eaten. I definitly recommend it.

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      Ethiopian - in Jerusalem on Yaffo street - as you walk towards the Jaffa gate, its on the right side near the post office. its a relatively small restaurant, but its pretty good.

      eilat - there's a Brazilian resto that is Brazillian style (all you can eat meat serves in courses, all cut from a skewer). its very good, but lots of organ meat, if i remember.

      Tel Aviv - Itzik HaGadol, right on the cust of Tel Aviv and Yaffo (not inthe old city of Yaffo)

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        Just as a point of clarification, the American Colony is outside the Old City in East Jerusalem, and while really expensive in the summer has a really pleasant outdoor patio/bar. In that region between the American Colony and Legacy Hotel, the best restaurant experience is at the Jerusalem Hotel. Great mix of locals and expats and quality food.

      2. If you're still around, I'll recommend Radio Roscoe (97 Allenby Street) This is an Italian wine bar/restaurant that has been reviewed as having the best pizza in Israel. It is located in a courtyard, a location that is somewhat obscure. At first, our taxi driver was reluctant to let us out. The area looked quite devoid of open retail establishments, much less our specific destination. Eventually, he spotted a sign with the restaurant's name and we got out of the taxi. We walked through the door nearest the sign, down a hallway, turned right and, eventually, found the well-patronized place.

        Here is a link to a web site maintained by Daniel Rogov, who my Israeli friends say is the most respected restaurant critic in Israel. He includes recommendations of ethnic restaurants.

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          I was a student at tel aviv university back in the 1980's...and my israeli boyfriend use to take me to abu shukri. I havent heard of that restaurant for many many years.
          I cant beleive its still around.
          For sure I will be going there with my family in August when we visit.