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Apr 19, 2009 08:44 PM

First time in Mokena, IL - help!

I will be spending my first time in Mokena, IL visiting my brother. I'm coming from California so I am not familiar with this area whatsoever. I was hoping to find out if there are any great food options to try whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner...any type of food is fine really...just something really tasty. He just recently moved there himself, so my guess is he doesn't know many places either. Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

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  1. Mokena is a small suburb south of Chicago and just south of I-80, which passes to the south of the city. It is just south of Orland Park and a few miles west of Tinley Park, both of which are larger towns. Here are some topics with recommendations in that vicinity:

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    1. Tinfish in Tinley Park is nearby. You'll find it discussed in many topics here, perhaps in one of the linked topics above.

      With the completion of the I-355 extension, Mokena is only 20 minutes from cities like Downers Grove and Lisle. That means you can get your Chinese fix at Fabulous Noodles or Lao Sze Chuan, both just a mile or two off the Ogden Ave exit of I-355. Both are considered among the top Chinese restaurants in the entire Chicago area.

      Since he just moved to Mokena, let your brother know that he is near two outstanding grocery stores on Lagrange Rd, Walt's and Brookhaven Marketplace. And just north of the grocery stores is Fleckenstein's Bakery, one of the Chicago area's great bake shops. All three are hidden gems that would be widely publicized if they were in the W/NW/N suburbs.

      1. Chef Klaus on LaGrange, Gatto's on 80th Av. in TP is great.
        Frankies in TP is good as is Ositeria Ottimo.