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Holy Samosa!

Where are the best Samosa's in the city.

Whether fried or baked, meat filled or veggie.

Where in the city do I find the best Samosa's we can maybe grab a dozen to take home or stop by for a snack?

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  1. Sultan of Samosa, on O'Connor Dr.

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      They have an amazing spinach and cheese samosa - as well as the tandoori chicken samosa... and the spicy sauce is fantastic. I always ask for extra.

      If you have an issue with the grease factor and want to fry them at home... they do sell them frozen in large bags.


    2. I think the samosas at Moti Mahal on Gerrard are excellent. Larger and cheaper than Sultan, plus I like the pastry better.

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      1. re: Full tummy

        I love the veggie samosas at Moti Mahal - probably my favorite but I haven't done a lot of legwork. Not a fan of the meat ones, though. TOO much meat.

      2. I agree with Dudey.

        I haven't tried Moti Mahal but it sounds like I need to.


        1. Sultan and Moti Mahal are both great choices, I think, but very different takes on samosas.

          Moti's are what I think of as "classic" northern style - a flour dough filled with potatoes, peas and spices. Goes great with the sweet red chutney, spicy mint chutney and (best of all, I think for this kind) tamarind chutney (which is really fast & easy to make at home).

          Sultan, on the other hand, has several kinds, all in what most Torontonians would call a spring roll wrapper (but still in the traditional triangular shape). They have a couple of flavours that I'm hooked on besides traditional potatoes/peas: I suggest trying the lentil (daal) and chicken varieties.

          And while you're at Moti Mahal, I also recommend the stuffed naan - a naan bread stuffed with minced tandoori chicken. Fantastic with their butter chicken sauce.

          And at Sultan, try the onion pakoras (they might call them onion bhaji).

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            The type of wrapper they use at the Sultan is not something they dreamt up. It's a type available in India also. It's just that most Indian food available in Canada is North Indian (Punjabi or Bengali) and unfortunately since that food is everywhere here, when non-Indians see the other type of samosa, they think it's not authentic. I much prefer the Sultan of Samosa style.

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              Lahore Tikka house has the the thinner pastry style for the samosas.

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                yes they would have it, as it's the type made by Muslims. That's evident by the name "Sultan of Samosa" and the name of the owner.
                You can find more into about this type of samosa on the SoS website.


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                I love 'em both but would opt for the SoS style over the other. Both are great snacks though.


            2. a one catering by the airport.... it is the most common style with the thicker wrapper. i love the fillings as i find the flavours and spicing are distinct and varied. they aren't greasy and the shell isn't as thick as i've found at others.

              sultan of samosa never really appealed to me because of their greasiness and expense! they just weren't satiating.

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              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                I agree that the SoS product is often oily. They don't make enough effort to remove the oil. That is the only flaw I can find with their product. They should find a way to spin the samosas and remove most of the oil after frying. I've seen the woman frying them remove the basket from the oil and 2 seconds later she drops them in the trays at the counter, she should spend 10 seconds trying to shake of the oil while the samosas are in the basket.

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                  I am a fan of Sultan from way back before Chowhound days, my Mom discovered the original location burried in the Bermondsey industrial area. But I have to admit the past few times I have tried them, they seem to just be geting greasier. It is too bad. As for satiety, I find them more satisfying because I fool myself that I can make a "balanced" meal with the different veggie, meat and lentil flavours. Definitely I eat 5 or 6, not just 1-2! I really see them as a different product than the other kind of samosa, you know, the "authentic" ones.

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                    they are and if it weren't for the greasiness and expense would probably want them more often.

                    in that vein, i actually really don't care for spring rolls of any sort these days because of the grease factor. the mouth feel is something i just can't handle anymore.

                    if you ever want the "authentic" ones i suggest trying a1. i really personally think their spicing is more interesting than the others i had around the city though they only do the basic couple or so filling options.

                2. Samosa King is the best in the GTA. End of Story. Do a search for the full thread/argument on this one

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                    Samosa King gets my vote too. I prefer the thicker northern style samosas, and I like my samosa with just the potato, peas, spice filling.

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                      what makes samosa king better than a-1?


                      1. re: HarryLloyd

                        I've never tried A-1 so I can't comment.

                        I like Samosa King's as well, they are simple, potatoe, peas and spices. I think the big draw is their value, five for a buck. I've heard of people driving from the west end to stock up and freeze them.

                        A pic can be found here:

                        Cheetal Indian Cuisine does a similar samosa, although larger and priced at three for a buck. I find their samosas to be a little more oily than Samosa King.

                        1. re: HarryLloyd

                          Samaosa King makes comfort food...no fancy wrappings, now fusion ingredients, etc. Just your basic pea, potato and spice samosas at a low price...hence the lineups out the door

                          1. re: Finnegan

                            I agree! Samosa King is so good! and worth the lineup.

                              1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                                On Middlefield @ Finch. The north east part of the city.

                                1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                                  5210 Finch ave E, Scarborough, ON
                                  Finch ave / MoCowan rd
                                  map this address and nearby restaurants
                                  (416) 332-0944

                          2. re: Finnegan

                            Sure they are good if you like that style. But don't think you can't get a bad batch. A year ago I bought about 5 dozen at around 11:30 am and they were all fit for the trash. They had to be from the day before.

                          3. Anyone tried the samosas at the temple restaurant near 427 and finch, the restaurant is across the temple and called shayona. Best samosas ever

                            1. Surati Sweet Mart has some good samosas. You can either go in store or also they serve the cocktail samosas frozen at Indian grocery stores. Compared to the "classic" samosa which originates from Punjab these ones are a bit different as Surat is a city in Gujarat. Instead of taking potatoes and mashing them like the punjabi ones these ones are smaller piece of potatoes with some small bits of carrots and peas. Also I find these have a bit more emphasis on the spice which makes them good.

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                                Yes, I have purchased these samosas a number of times. I believe they are all veggie and come in three flavours. Yummy and cheap. Very small. Great as hors d'oeuvres.

                              2. I know samosas are suppose to just be snacks or appetizers, but is anyone else treating these guilty pleasures as a meal??? Sometimes I eat maybe 3 to 6 of these veggie samosas from Samosa King and I'm already full. It all depends on how hungry I am. LOL

                                Good thing Samosa King still sells them at 5 for $1.00 or I'd be go broke during these difficult financial time. ;)

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                                1. re: YummyYummy

                                  I'm not a big fan of the samosas at Samosa King I find them to be really small and way too doughy. They hardly have any filling in them but it depends which part you like better as I know many people who prefer the crust of the samosas compared to the fillings. I prefer the larger sized ones that you can get for 4/$1.

                                    1. re: Davwud

                                      I guess the samosas you like depend on what you were brought up with. I do not like the doughy Samosa king type samosas and really like the Sultan of Samosa type. I don't think these can necessarily be labelled "Moslem type" as they sold by Indians throughout Africa many of whom are Hindu. From South Africa all the way to Kenya these are the kinds sold. A fellow at work from Somalia brought some in for me recently and they were identical to the SOS type - awesome.

                                      1. re: fogducker

                                        WHAt is the aDDRESS OF sULTAn of saMOOSA .i aM FROM SOUTYHAfrica And craVE THE THIN CRISPY DOUGH WITH THE CRUMBLY LIKE MEAt inside with a SLIGHT KICK TO IT

                                        1. re: itzi

                                          All info on their website:-


                                          If you from SA, you will really like these samosas as they made in exactly the same style. The dough is not bubbly as well but smooth.

                                          1. re: fogducker

                                            DAnkie ...... i aM GOING THERE LAter today ..... going to stock up my freezer , it is quite a SCHLEPP FROM THORNHILL

                                            1. re: itzi

                                              They also sell bags of uncooked frozen samosas that you can fry up (or bake) yourself. Remember to take a cooler and icepacks.

                                              Sultan Of Samosas
                                              1677 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4A, CA

                                  1. Everyone go to Sultan of Samosa if you want rendy filling wrapped in phyllo....that will mean shorter line ups for afficianados of the real deal samosas at Samosa King

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                                    1. re: Finnegan

                                      If you mean by "real deal" that they are cheap at the place you like, that is true. But don't keep telling us that they are not authentic at the SoS, as then you are just showing that you don't know a samosa from a sambusa.

                                      1. re: Finnegan

                                        Does samosa king offer any fillings other than potatos and peas? Not really a fan of that kind of filling.

                                        1. re: Crispy skin

                                          Hit Samosa King finally. Meh. I probably won’t be going back. Honestly, it was mostly dough. Had to chomp through a good mouthful or two of bland dough to get to the pretty meagre filling. The filling itself was pretty good, but I’ve certainly had better. I don’t know, I guess I’m used to samosas that contain more than a tablespoon of filling. Also, if there were peas in the samosas I sure didn’t see any. Just curried potato. Like an Indian knish. I’ll take the knish. Also, so disorganized and rude rude rude service. That alone takes them off my list of places to revisit. The fact that most of the samosa is just dough just sealed the deal.

                                          Oh yeah, tamarind dipping sauce was ho-hum, mint sauce was all salt, no hint of mint or any other flavour despite its gorgeous glowing green hue.

                                          1. re: magic

                                            Hey quit complaining! What do you expect when they sell that junk for 5 pcs/ $1 ? :-) Finally someone else realises there's nothing special about Samosa King

                                            1. re: foodyDudey

                                              I'd have rather they sold me 1 regular size one that isn't all dough and charge me a regular price. What use is 5 smaller ones for $1 when 90% of what you're tasting and feeling is dough. I don't know, not for me.

                                          2. re: Crispy skin

                                            Can't say definitively but no, I don't think so.