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Apr 19, 2009 07:52 PM

Marble Slab Creamery (Waterloo)

One just opened up in Waterloo and I haven't yet had time to step in and take a look even though I must have passed by it over 4 times already. I know it's a franchise and there a quite a few locations dotted all over, but none in Toronto. Has anyone tried this, is it any good? Which flavours are yummiest? Thanks~

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  1. We've tried the one in Thornhill (Toronto) twice already (near promenade mall). The ice cream is ok, nothing special that you can't get elsewhere. The difference is the toppings you get to add to it... gummy bears, chocolate bar, nuts, etc etc. They "chop and mix" it on a frozen marble slab (I presume it's marble).. The last time we were there we had the waffle cone, which was quite stale. Might be worth a try if you're in the area and like the toppings thing (great for kids), but not worth a special trip.

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      Boo, I thought the ice cream would be something different 'cause they have the whole "made fresh daily" thing going on. But I wondered how they could make each flavour fresh daily. So maybe they just make one batch of ice cream daily, but not all..?

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        not to be picky but I believe it is a granite slab :P
        but ya, i don't find this place anything special, but I am sure there is a tasty combo of the right ice cream with correct topping that will make you happy... you just have to find it.

      2. I lived in California when these starting popping up around the US. It's about the mixins, ice cream is good but nothing to freak out about. I have a soft spot for sweat cream flavour with kit kat bars rammed into it,. The end product is similar to a thicker Blizzard at DQ if it were made with more complex ice cream. It's worth a stop if you're in the area, but not worth going out of the way for. The processs of putting mixins into the cream on the slab can resemble the table shows at Benihana so that's part of the appeal, especially if you have kids.

        1. The ice cream is good as is noted above and the fixin's are good too but the problem for me is the cost. It's expensive. IMHO that makes it not worth it.


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            I was wondering about the marble slab. It seems that after they are turning up everywhere within the past year. I always meant to try it, but every time I had gone to any of the locations, there has always been a large crowd, and I am not much for waiting around for my frozen dairy treat (unless you count Il Gelatiere on Mt. Pleasant, but that is another story)

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              All reports are that it isn't anything special, and to make the thing "worth it" you have to buy a ton of toppings (which aren't cheap, as mentioned). I doubt those crowds will be there in a month. As for cost, they put some 2-for-1 coupons out but even then, probably not worth braving the crowds. Probably will keep getting ice cream from the Grill in the back, at least they make your cone on the spot.

            2. I think I am going to stick to my dairy free sorbet options at A lotta Gelata on King

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                a sorbet is dairy free? i think you are confused with sherbet...

                back on topic, the price is high, but the quantity is a lot, i found it easy to share a small or reg with two people.

                @Lazar yes the wait at Il Gelatiere is worth it much more then this place...

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                    your first link proves my point?
                    "The difference between sorbet and sherbet is that sherbets contain milk or another fat"
                    you posted "dairy free sorbet" (paradox)

                    my point was all sorbets are dairy free... just made it in a question ;) I think we are on the same page tho and have just confused each other

                    but I don't see the point in places posting non-ingredients in items
                    like 'gluten free potato chips' or in this case 'dairy free sorbet'

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                  Across from the Pizza Nova, corner of University Avenue and Phillip Street. There's another one in Kitchener, 1170 Fischer-Hallman, wherever that is.

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                    I think it's a copycat of Cold Stone Creamery - which like Pinkberry is all over the place in California. The ice cream - especially the seasonal flavours are good but very expensive.

                    1. re: caitlink

                      The guy that started Cold Stone worked dfor Marble Slab first. And Marble Slab Creamery opened October 1983 . It wasn't until 5 years later, in 1988, that the first Cold Stone opened.